New River Cleaning Device Stops 85% Of Plastic Waste From Reaching The Ocean!

Aug 22, 2022by Olivia - F&F

An Italian company has created a 100% scalable, low cost, low impact solution to stop plastic waste from entering our oceans. The ‘River Cleaning System’ operates 24/7, with minimal environmental impact. Let’s see how this simple, effective system could stop ocean plastic at the source!  

River Pollution Aerial ViewRiver Pollution Aerial View

Image: ShantiHesse / Canva

80% Of All Ocean Plastic Comes From Rivers!

We always talk about ways to clean up ocean plastic — but what we often ignore is the fact that almost 80% of all ocean plastic comes from our river systems! Although cleaning up existing ocean plastic is an important step to revive our oceans, it’s like frantically scooping water out of a filled bathtub — without turning the tap off.

It’s estimated that around 80% of ocean plastic comes from 1,000 of the world’s largest waterways. With megacities like Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, or Shanghai, their rivers continuously funnel plastic waste into global ocean currents, which is why we see plastic waste all over the world! 

With 8+ million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans every day — including 20 million plastic bottles — what can we possibly do to stop ocean plastic in its tracks?

River Cleaning SystemRiver Cleaning System

Image: River Cleaning

This Innovative, Adaptable Device Can Operate 24/7 To Catch Plastic

The clever folks at River Cleaning recognise that river cleaning solutions must be adaptable for different bodies of water in terms of width and depth. These devices need to be inexpensive and operate 24/7 without harming the planet. 

The River Cleaning System ticks all the boxes! This innovative solution works with the natural flow of the river, and still allows boats to pass through. The River Cleaning System is a series of buoys that spin on axles powered by the natural flow of the river. Floating in a diagonal line, the funnels gently trap and spin away plastic to the shoreline. Their anchors allow them to move apart when boats pass through.

The best part is that the River Cleaning System can collect 85% of river plastic — including tiny particles, larger items like plastic bottles, and even oil!

Innovative River Cleaning SystemInnovative River Cleaning System

Image: River Cleaning

The River Cleaning System Is Inexpensive & Adaptable!

The River Cleaning System could be deployed in rivers all around the world! This exciting innovation is different to many other river cleaning devices, because it’s powered by kinetic energy and doesn’t have any impact on wildlife. 

In fact, the River Cleaning System became the first product of its kind to achieve the Friend of the Sea sustainability certification after demonstrating that the system preserves the aquatic environment, while respecting the lives of native species.

Permanent installations are often rejected because of the inconveniences they create — namely, not being able to let boats pass through! The River Cleaning System can operate 24/7, without personnel, and is 100% scaleable to suit any river.

What do you think about this river cleaning device? We love that this simple technology intercepts 85% of river debris and can be scaled to fit any body of water. Imagine if the River Cleaning System was deployed on every river that leads out to the ocean? 

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