Make Your Steps Count with Socks

Jun 10, 2018by F&F

Layer up and protect more than your feet this winter with socks that help fight the world's most important social causes.
Turning an everyday purchase into an environmentally kinder alternative with a social mission, Conscious Step are helping the world.

The brand set out on a mission to take a product that everyone uses and produce it in a way that gives back to the planet rather than taking from it. The result - top quality socks that are manufactured under the highest ethical and sustainable standards, all while supporting the world's most important social causes.

Conscious Step was founded in Australia by social entrepreneurs Hassan Ahmad, Prashant Mehta and Adam Long and is now based in New York. The three came together in 2014 to create a company that raises consumer awareness of the problems faced by the world today and the organisations fighting them. They settled on socks as a way that would be convenient, tangible, recognisable and, of course, fun.


Ethical Supply Chain

Conscious of not further contributing to the harmful environmental impact of fast fashion, the company is highly invested in ensuring every step of the supply chain and manufacturing process is sustainable and ethical. From the organic co-op cotton fields in India through to their Fair Trade Factory, Conscious Step are continuously creating new initiatives to improve and reduce the company’s impact on the environment and enhance the welfare of the communities. By choosing brands that produce organic apparel not only improves the health of the farmers, but reduces pollution, toxic chemical waste and water consumption.


Social Causes

Impressively, the brand takes it one ‘step’ further in their fight for the planet by giving back to a variety of social causes with every pair of socks sold. These impressive partner organisations are carefully selected based on the impact they have on the world. From providing clean water to feeding children, Conscious Step look for the small actions that can add up and create big impact. By working with multiple partners such as and UN AIDS, allows for a broader impact to be made and an opportunity to share the organisations incredible stories with a larger audience.

All pairs of Conscious Step socks have a unique design and embroidered symbol, indicating the organisation and cause you’re supporting. We have a variety of men’s and women's designs available online now, each supporting and contributing to a powerful global cause.


Conscious Step’s impact partners and supporting causes:

  • The Education pair donates the equivalent of two books to school children in Asia through Room to Read.
  • The Water pair provides 18 months of clean water to someone without this basic human necessity through
  • The Hunger pair provides six therapeutic food packs to malnourished children through Action Against Hunger.
  • The Ocean Protection pair provides resources needed to preserve and restore the world's oceans through Oceana.
  • The pair supporting HIV provides a week of HIV treatment to a pregnant woman through UNAIDS.
  • The Trees pair plants 10 trees in Uganda through Trees for the Future.


The socks are also available to be purchased as a collection, making them the perfect gift that keeps on giving (or for yourself, if you just can’t decide which cause to support!)

Conscious Step socks are available online now at Flora & Fauna.  They Fit Men's US shoe size 8-12 and Women's US shoe size 9-13.

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