Major Australian Agriculture Company Joins ‘Together We Can’ Climate Action Campaign

Jan 17, 2022by Olivia - F&F

Kilter Rural, Australia’s biggest pioneer in regenerative farming, has joined the rapidly-growing ‘Together We Can’ climate action movement!

Kilter Rural Regenerative FarmingKilter Rural Regenerative Farming

Kilter Rural Is Calling For More Action On Climate Change

Since 2004, Kilter Rural has proven that the future of farming is regenerative, profitable and good for the environment! Their work directly improves the health of farmland, water and environmental assets through regenerative farming. Balancing agricultural production with ecosystem protection is good for the environment, and profitable for farmers and investors.

That’s why we’re thrilled to see Kilter Rural stepping up to demand more climate action from our government ahead of the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow! The ‘Together We Can’ movement is a growing alliance of businesses, not-for-profits, communities and everyday Australians who are fighting for more action on climate change. 

Together We Can CampaignTogether We Can Campaign

What Is The ‘Together We Can’ Campaign?

In 2021, Together We Can conducted the biggest and most in-depth poll about climate change in Australian history. It showed that the majority of Australians (67%) believe our Federal Government should be doing more!

That’s why people from all walks of life are joining the campaign: marine scientists, farmers, doctors, teachers, engineers, miners, students, and business owners, to name a few. Kilter Rural represent a large demographic of people in regional areas, an important part of Australia’s economy. 

Claire O’Neill from ‘Together We Can’ said “it is these types of partnerships that matter most when it comes to working together to solve climate change. Now our governments need to do their bit — together, we can show them what’s possible.”

Farm Drought Climate ChangeFarm Drought Climate Change

Farmers Are On The Front Lines Of Climate Change

Climate change is already hurting Australian farmers, and land clearing is exacerbating the problem. Historically, in response to the growing demand for food, landowners have torn down forests and native grasslands to use for agriculture. 

Land clearing is a big problem in Australia — but it isn’t just about trees disappearing. It degrades the health of rivers and coastlines, increases the occurrence of species and plants going extinct, destroys farmland, and affects climate change. 

With the increasing frequency of droughts and bushfires, along with water scarcity, it’s expected that overall farm profits will fall by 13% by 2050. Investing in climate-resilient farming practices and halving carbon emissions by 2030 is the key.

The Future Of Farming Is Regenerative! 

Regenerative agriculture rehabilitates food and farming systems to improve soil health, water management and biodiversity. Restoring degraded agricultural land is extremely valuable for land-owners, and importantly, for our climate.

Since 2004, Kilter Rural has regenerated over 12,000ha of farmland and protected 4,500ha of vulnerable ecosystems and 100GL of water assets. They’re proving that increasing the productivity and regenerative capabilities of farmland doesn’t have to cost the Earth!

Businesses like Kilter Rural are reversing the rate of land clearing and promoting a low-carbon future with investors.

We know that we’re stronger when we work together, and that’s what the ‘Together We Can’ campaign is all about. Already, the movement has gained support from the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), School Strike 4 Climate (SS4C), Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC), 1 Million Women, Climate And Health Alliance, Australian Parents For Climate Action, and now, Kilter Rural! 

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