How You Can Help in the Australian Bushfire Crisis

Jan 05, 2020by Julie - F&F

Many of us feel absolutely helpless with the disaster that is now Australia wide.

People have died, it is estimated half a billion animals have died, people have lost homes, communities have been wiped out and many animals and people are terrified and injured. We’re determined to do everything we can so here are a few ways of how you can help and what is needed now. 


Source: @josh_burkinshaw

1) Donating Money

if you can spare a few dollars the following organisations need your help. Note this isn't a comprehensive list. These are also official, registered charities and organisations. You might see many Go Fund Me pages set up - many are legitimate but there will be some that aren't. The money doesn't go directly to the charity and they aren't monitored or controlled so we'd recommend not using these but donating directly to authorised charities. Sadly at times like this, there will be the odd few that take advantage of this disastrous situation. 

Support our Firies - they are true heroes and we should be supporting them any way we can. 

Help Our Wildlife - our wildlife needs care, support, and conservation desperately. 

Rebuild Our Communities

Source: Givit Facebook Page

2) Donating Clothes and Belongings.

Many of us have things we can give but who do you give to? Many charities actually don’t want us to donate right now as there is an influx of clothes. An organisation called Givit helps to control the management and distribution of goods so they end up in the right place. You can list what you have, eg, clothes, bedding, pet beds, generators, furniture, etc. It is a great opportunity to see how your things can help others. Note: everything must be in good condition. If you wouldn’t wear it don’t donate it. There are places like H&M that take old clothes and recycle them.

3) Helping Animals

They need water and our help, they really need our help. We are utterly devastated by the wildlife loss. A few bowls of water in the garden can really help the birds, lizards and native animals- make sure it's not so deep small animals can't get out and load up with rocks, pebbles, and twigs. Change the water regularly to keep it cool. If you see any injured animals call your local wildlife rescue immediately and check pouches to ensure no joeys are in there. 

4) Ask for Help and Shout Loud and Proud

Talk on social, encourage others to donate and help, shout about our plight from the rooftops. Write to your MP, express your feelings and demand change - we need the Government to step up and recognise climate change is a problem and they simply need to do more. Take care everyone and look after each other.

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