How to Groom your Dog at Home

May 04, 2021by Megan - F&F

We launched our Pet range here at F&F not long ago and what a better way to celebrate it with some handy tips for your doggos? 

To ensure our pets are happy, healthy, and clean, regular grooming is essential! In this blog, we'll show you how to groom your dog so that they are comfortable and clean. They’ll look beautiful, smell amazing and be ready for lots of cuddles— bonus! 

Bondi Wash Dog Pamper Duo (2x500ml)Bondi Wash Dog Pamper Duo (2x500ml)

Why is grooming important? 

Did you know that just like us, dogs can get a build-up of dead hair and skin, dandruff, and dirt? Regular grooming helps to prevent this through cleaning their eyes and ears, brushing their coats, and washing them regularly.

Keep in mind some breeds may need a bit more care when it comes to cleaning, so if in doubt ask your local groomer or vet for advice. 

Now let's get to the grooming supplies! 

Ethique Dog ShampooEthique Dog Shampoo

Dog Shampoo

Step one of grooming can be fun or messy— it really depends on the dog! After swimming in the ocean, our golden retriever, Rubin loves a lukewarm shower outside. He's very calm and this makes for an easy clean! 

If your dog is dirty, start by rinsing them with lukewarm water (this is key for their comfort) and washing out any dirt or sand. 

Then grab your dog shampoo of choice and give them a good lather and rinse. If there's a bit of soap left behind, don't worry, all of our dog shampoos are safe as we know dogs love to lick themselves after a bath! A dry shampoo or deodorising spray is also great to keep them fresh between washes. We love the Bondi Wash Dry Dog Wash - Paperbark & Lemongrass (100g).

Essential Dog Bamboo Slicker BrushEssential Dog Bamboo Slicker Brush

Dog Brushes

When choosing the right brush for your dog, you will need to consider what type of fur or coat they have. For medium to long-haired pets, we suggest the Essential Dog Bamboo Slicker Brush and for all other hair types, we suggest the Essential Dog Natural Bamboo Two-Sided Brush.

The key to grooming your pet is to go slow and soft, no one loves a brush digging into their skin! Some pets will love to be groomed, but others might wriggle out from under you or have sensitive spots, so be mindful and if you hear a little growl, avoid that spot and give them some space. 

Special Treatments 

Your pup might need some special treatments, just like you, so if they've got chapped, dry and itchy paws, we love the Dog Stick from Raw Nature that helps soothe paws. 

We've all seen our dogs bite at the air hoping to catch the bugs flying around their heads (and sometimes they do), so if you're going on a bushwalk, you can use this dog-friendly Citronella Guard Spray to keep bugs off them. 

Reusable Bamboo Face Cloth 3 PackReusable Bamboo Face Cloth 3 Pack

Cleaning Your Dog's Ears

It's important to clean your dog's ears as often as twice a month, but if you see them scratching their ears a lot (especially after swimming), you might need to seek advice from your vet. A certain amount of ear wax is good for their ear health, but if anything looks amiss— consult your veterinarian.

Your dog's ears are sensitive so make sure you use gentle cloths like our Reusable Bamboo Face Cloths from Green + Kind. If you're already a fan of these yourself, make sure to keep yours and your dog's separate! We even have the Essential Dog Herbal Plus Ear Cleaner, but again, please consult with your vet to see if this is right for your dog. 

Whimzees Hedgedog Dog Dental Chews - LargeWhimzees Hedgedog Dog Dental Chews - Large


We think every dog deserves a treat after grooming! It's a little thank you to them for being patient and is kind of like getting a cup of tea at the end of your massage at a spa. Reinforce their good behaviour and they will remember next time that if they sit through grooming they will earn a treat! 

We even have some great dental dog treats so you'll be giving them a treat, but also looking after their teeth. 

Extra Dog Grooming TipsExtra Dog Grooming Tips

Extra Grooming Tips

  • It's easier to have everything gathered before starting, otherwise, it might give your dog an opportunity to escape!
  • Pick a place where your dog won’t slip to wash them.
  • Brush your pet before washing! This helps to prevent pulling out any unnecessary hair after the hair is wet, remove loose hairs, and distribute their oils evenly.
  • If they are starting to show signs of being overwhelmed or agitated, take a break and play with them before starting again. 
  • If your dog has a build-up of discharge around their eyes, use a dampened cotton bud and gently wipe down to get rid of any gunk.
  • Keep an eye on their nails. As a general rule of thumb, when standing up their nails shouldn’t be touching the ground. Talk to your local vet if they are longer than they should be. 


At the end of the day, we all want our pets to be happy and healthy! By practising regular grooming, we can greatly help our dogs to live better lives.

Now that your pup is all clean, you might want to treat them to some new accessories? Make sure to check out the fabulous range of collars and leads from Animals in Charge

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