How to Choose a Foundation with Elate

Mar 21, 2020by Bronwen Summers - Lead Educator Elate

Many of us had that special person we would sit and watch getting ready in the mornings. For me, it was my sister. I would sit and observe as she applied liquid foundation and concealer. I marvelled at the disappearance of her freckles (she now uses sheer coverage to show them off). A couple of years later,  I would find myself doing the same thing in front of my mirror. I would start my day the exact same: primer, liquid foundation, concealer, powder etc., without thinking.

We often do the same steps when getting ready.  When we stop to pause, reflect and mindfully move through these movements, they cease to be a routine and can evolve into a ritual.

You may be wondering what this all has to do with selecting a foundation for yourself. Maybe not much or maybe a seed of thought can be planted that at the end of all this it is not the end result that truly matters. It is the act in itself -- lovingly seeing yourself in the mirror -- that can bring joy. Do I still have the same steps in my morning? Yes. But I think of them differently and look forward to sitting in front of that mirror with my cosmetics and coffee, defining my beauty.


Elate Vegan Foundations available at Flora & FaunaElate Vegan Foundations available at Flora & Fauna


This is a guideline for choosing a foundation, but remember if it makes you feel incredible that is all that truly matters.

Powder or Liquid? 

You will rarely find me with powder foundation on, I’ve never been drawn to it and most likely this is due to the dry patchy skin I can have (thank you lack of oil!). Powder foundation (can but not always) show more of the dryness where a liquid will smooth over (depending on the foundation it can even help keep those areas hydrated and soothed). However, ask my best friend and they will gladly tell you that they are never without their pressed powder foundation!

Below you will find an easy list of the benefits of both.



  • Apply with fingers or a brush
  • Sheer {very little coverage so you can see your skin still} to Full {conceals a lot!} coverage
  • Full coverage liquid foundation should be used with a powder to ensure it lasts all-day
  • Hydrating and nourishing on dry, mature + sensitive skin types
  • Soothes and conceals dryer skin textures


  • Can come in pressed (great to carry with you) or loose form
  • Apply with a brush
  • Sheer {very little coverage} to Full {conceals a lot!} coverage
  • Matte or Dewy finishes available
  • Easy to travel with
  • Can help balance excess oils 


Choose what finish you would like, Matte or Luminous.

Matte finish means there is little to no light being reflected off the skin. Many people that produce their own “dew” during the day prefer this finish {oily/combo skin types} while a Luminous or dewy finish gives light reflection and can blur any texture on the skin {a dry/mature skin does beautifully with this finish}.


Understanding your Undertone. Warm, neutral or cool?

How do you choose an undertone? You can look at the wrist and try to determine if your veins look blue (cool/pink undertone), green (warm, gold undertone) or a little of both (neutral, has a blend of warm and cool tones). You can also drape a gold or yellow fabric under your face. If your skin lights up and looks like it is glowing you are a warm undertone. If you drape it and your skin lacks lustre then try silver or a cool blue fabric. If your skin brightens, you will know you have a cool tone. If both look great, you are neutral!


Skin Preparation

Don’t forget to prep your skin! Look for a primer that is suited to your skin’s needs, hydration, oil-control or calming to name a few options.


I hope this was helpful, but at the end of the day it’s makeup. It’s a tool you can use for a little self-care, gratitude or just plain FUN!

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