Grey Whale Spotted In Ocean It Became Extinct From 200 Years Ago

Jun 06, 2024by Your F&F Team


Guess who made a surprise appearance off the New England coast? Yep, a grey whale! Even though they haven't been seen in the Atlantic for over 200 years, one popped up there recently - living it's best life. The New England Aquarium team, busy with their aerial surveys, were the lucky ones to spot it.

Grey whales usually live in the North Pacific, but there have now been five sightings in the past 15 years in the Atlantic.

Why the sudden visits? Scientists think climate change might be the culprit. With the Arctic Ocean thawing out, thanks to rising temperatures, whales can now go through the Northwest Passage. That's a big deal, considering it used to be ice-covered. So, who knows, maybe they'll be seeing more of these gentle giants in the Atlantic in the future!


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