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Oct 28, 2018by Annie - F&F

“Because good planets are hard to find” - that is the approach and mission behind our latest eco-cleaning brand, Green Addict, joining the F&F team. Learn more about the award-winning brand and how their products help keep our planet clean + green.


Image:  Green Addict Product Range


Green Addict evolved out of the need for a truly eco-friendly, all natural commercial-grade cleaning range that supported the health and livelihood of families, companies and of course our environment. Originally based in Perth, mother of two Sharona Webb, together with her mum Tara Ahern, decided to launch a small cleaning business. Their company and services quickly grew and before long so did their cleaning team. At the time the company used the standard commercial and chemical cleaning products available on the market, however as with many of our eco-brand founders, it wasn’t until they began getting sick that they knew they had to find a healthier alternative. They researched and trialled countless eco-friendly cleaning products but were left disappointed with many being ineffective, not as ‘clean’ as claimed, or just too expensive. That’s when the pair began researching and mixing up their own formulas (Tara is a chemistry whiz and formulator) and would send them out with their cleaning team to test.

It wasn’t long before they perfected their natural formulas and were providing powerful results that continued to drive their business. As life got busier (Sharona had her third child) the pair eventually decided to sell the company and with it, they “put the formulas under the bed” as they like to call it.

It was only just last year that Sharona and her mum decided to officially re-launch their formulas after numerous requests to make ‘Here, There & Everywhere' for family and friends. And after extensive research into testing, packaging and processes, Green Addict officially launched into their first retail store in March of this year.

Image:  GreenAddict Mum & Daughter Duo & Founders  

When it comes to natural cleaning products, there are unfortunately common misconceptions as to what is truly “clean” as many brands market their goods with buzz words such as ‘eco’, ‘natural’, ‘earth’ or ‘organic’. “Consumers are often mislead into believing that that the products are 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic and/or environmentally friendly.” Sharona explains. “This cannot be further from the truth. The industry has little to no regulations on labelling” - just because a cleaning product is marketed and labelled as an eco-friendly product, it can still contain hidden toxins that the customer may be trying to avoid. “This is misleading to consumers who generally think they have purchased an ‘eco’ product, where in fact the product has very little difference to the chemical products found in the supermarkets.”

When purchasing a Green Addict product you are guaranteed it is free from:

  • SLS and SLES
  • EDTA and palm oil
  • Triethanolamine and propylene gylcol
  • Harsh chemicals and detergents
  • Animal products
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Artificial colours and preservatives
  • And of course, it is never tested on animals

Image:  Green Addict Twinkle Twinkle Glass Star

Another standout offering from the brand, is that their products are available to be purchased in sizes up to to 20L! The reason for this is simply to reduce plastic dependency. As Sharona further details “our concept was always to supply customers with a high quality bottle and trigger/or pump which they can then refill, thus vastly reducing the plastic consumption in basic household items like dish liquid. Our customers can refill by purchasing their own refills or by going into one of our stockists like Flora & Fauna to refill their goodies. All our bottles are PET 1 plastic which is the highest recyclable plastic.” Just another win-win for the environment! So when when you buy a Green Addict product, you know you are buying a product that is free from all hidden nasties and is 100% people, planet and pet friendly.

You can find the Green Addict range online at Flora & Fauna. Read about Sharona's Top Picks here

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