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Oct 20, 2018by Annie - F&F

Image:  GreenAddict Product Range

When we caught up with Green Addict founder Sharona, we just had to find out what her go-to products were from the range and if she had any tips and tricks. 

  • Our HERO product is definitely the “Here, There & Everywhere” - this is the product that started it all and the one that I personally pick up whenever I go to clean anything in my house (I have 3 kids and 3 animals so I do a lot of cleaning). The “HTE” can be used to clean your entire home, from benchtops, stainless steel, bathrooms, mould, unsealed floors and even marks on walls.
  • Fun fact - Bleach doesn’t kill mould! Pure and simply it only makes it white. Similar to bleaching your hair, when you are using bleach in the bathroom you are taking the dark colour out of the mould spores, so you think they are gone; however you have just made them white. Which is why they rear their ugly head in just a few short weeks. The solution is to kill the spores. With a combination of essential oils (clove) and natural acids such as vinegar or lemon oil.  Our “Here There & Everywhere” is an all purpose spray, but it is also a mould inhibitor. So not only does it kill the mould but it prevents it from returning.
  • Descaliere is our bathroom/shower cleaner which melts away limescale on the shower screens. This product binds to the calcium build up and removes the white marks in your bathroom. Spray on and leave for 15-30 mins, come back and lightly scrub with a non-scratch scourer then rise. Polish glass with Twinkle Twinkle Glass cleaner. When cleaning glass, always use a dry/glass cloth (they are the shine ones).
  • Grease Muncher is the best oven cleaner. I even use this on grease pots and pans. I will spray it on and leave it for 10 mins, come back rinse and you’re done. For the oven, spray on and leave for 30 mins. Use a non-scratch scourer on the glass and steel wool on the metal shelves. Remove and soak in the laundry sink if there is a heavy build up.

You can find the whole range of Green Addict at Flora & Fauna. 

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