Everything You Need To Know About The New LAMAV

Dec 03, 2021by La Mav

The formulas you love have been supercharged…

LAMAV has always been synonymous with clean, beautiful, bio-active skincare. And since its inception over 13 years ago, LAMAV has continued to pioneer what’s possible in terms of Certified Organic formulas that deliver truly age-defying results.

Innovation has also always been of the utmost importance and over the years, LAMAV has evolved its product range to offer even greater benefits and more targeted skin solutions for its customers. Recently, this evolution has expanded even further — with more advanced formulas, new categories, new ingredients and a beautiful new brand look, too.

What hasn’t changed, however, is LAMAV’s holistic view of health, beauty and wellbeing and its dedication to building a brand with a conscience. While LAMAV has evolved, you can remain assured that every product has been created with deep care and consideration — for your skin, as well as the planet. And their mission has also remained steadfast — to inspire you to elevate your daily self-care ritual with skincare products that work synergistically to refresh, rejuvenate and restore balance to your skin.

As LAMAV embarks on a new era, we’re so excited to bring you along on the journey. Here’s everything you need to know...

La Mav Purify & Clean - Sweet Orange Balancing CleanserLa Mav Purify & Clean - Sweet Orange Balancing Cleanser

Supercharged Formulas

The good news is, the beautiful formulas that you know and love still remain — LAMAV has just been working hard behind the scenes to advance their benefits even further and increase their potency.

Every LAMAV product contains scientifically proven bio-actives which have been chosen to focus on specific concerns and provide targeted solutions — and while they have always focused on harnessing the power of plants, their products now draw even more deeply on their heritage, blending powerful Ayurvedic ingredients with native Australian plant extracts to deliver even better results. Every bio-active selected contains high levels of antioxidant or anti-ageing activity and when combined, they work synergistically to target your specific skin concerns and uncover your most radiant skin.

La Mav Face MasksLa Mav Face Masks

New Look

We’re also super excited to reveal LAMAV’s contemporary new look! With a stunning new logo and simple, streamlined packaging, our hope is that using LAMAV products will become an even more luxurious experience.

Some of the old formula names have also been updated so that it’s even easier to navigate and remember each range — and, so that you discover the perfect product for your skin type and skin concern.

La Mav New ProductsLa Mav New Products

Brand New Products

There’s nothing more exciting about exploring a brand you love than discovering new products! In fact, LAMAV recently launched a new category: Boosters — designed to amplify the benefits of your skincare regime. These potent formulas are packed with phytonutrients and hardworking bio-actives to infuse your skin with nourishment that acts on a cellular level.

For a firmer, plumper, more youthful-looking complexion, try Collagen Support. It supercharges collagen synthesis and protects your skin from the ageing effects of environmental stressors. For a natural alternative to retinol, try the Bakuchiol 4% Natural Retinol Alternative — set to improve skin structure, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and brighten skin. The Omega-3 Advanced Night Cream has been revamped too, deeply nourishing your skin while you sleep.

La Mav Organic Beauty TeasLa Mav Organic Beauty Teas

Beauty For Inside & Out

And finally, to truly reflect LAMAV’s holistic view of health, beauty and wellbeing, there’s a whole new Wellbeing category to explore. In 2020, LAMAV launched a range of Organic Beauty Teas that are formulated to smother, hydrate and promote more glowing skin. These complex blends contain an abundance of antioxidants to target skin and wellbeing concerns from within and the good news is that the Beauty Teas are just the beginning… with LAMAV looking to launch an innovative new inner beauty product early in the new year.

While they can’t reveal too much just yet, this beauty blend will be the perfect complement to your outer beauty routine and deliver even better results for your skin, health and overall wellbeing.

Make sure to also check out LAMAV’s new range of skincare tools like the Gua Sha & Roller Set, Tube Key, Ayurvedic Kansa Wand and Micro Dermal Roller — designed to complement your daily self-care ritual. These beauty tools amplify the effects of your skincare, smoothing, toning and plumping your complexion.

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