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Mar 31, 2023by Gabby - F&F

Cleaning the house is inevitable, but we have a choice of what we clean our house with. Introducing Euclove, a family-owned and natural Australian Cleaning brand, whose mission is to help keep families safe with toxin-free, effective products at affordable prices.

Euclove's story started over 50 years ago with a long family history of growing and sourcing herbs for cleaning and health purposes. We have stocked them here at F&F for a while now, but they have just become even more attractive, with their new sustainable brand packaging. Every bottle you receive is made in Australia and from used milk bottles! How resourceful is that?

In this cleaning range, you'll find cleaning products for the kitchen and bathroom, home and bedding spray, floor cleaner and lots more. Let's check it out!

Euclove Natural Bathroom CleanerEuclove Natural Bathroom Cleaner

Image: Euclove

Bathroom Cleaning Products

One thing about bathrooms? There's generally a lingering moisture caused by a lack of ventiallation, leaks or damp materials. This moisture is music to mould's ears and the best way to avoid mould, is by regularly upkeeping your bathroom. Euclove's Natural Bathroom Cleaner, fights mould and mildew at its source and remove soap scum, grime and grease. It works great on most bathroom surfaces like ceramic, tiles, tapware, shower screens and more. Once finished with your spray bottles, you can buy the Refill Bathroom Cleaner, to help to minimise your impact on our environment. 

Another goodie for cleaning the bathroom, is Euclove Natural Glass & Mirror Cleaner. It's made without harsh chemicals to keep surfaces clean and streak-free naturally. For the best cleaning results, we recommend using a Microfibre Cloth

Lastly, what's a bathroom without handwash? Euclove's Handwash comes in Lemongrass, Palmarosa & Cedarwood or Lavender & Rose Geranium and is suitable for sensitive skins. 

Euclove Natural Kitchen CleanerEuclove Natural Kitchen Cleaner

Image: Euclove

Kitchen Cleaning Products

Food spillings are unavoidable and most the time, we just scoop up the mess and pop it straight into our mouths. That's why it's important we're cleaning our kitchen with natural ingredients that don't harm our body. Euclove Natural Kitchen Cleaner removes dirt, stains and grime without the harsh chemicals. Their Stainless Steel Cleaner, contains powerful essential oils that help effectively clean stainless steel appliances and surfaces, leaving a streak-free finish. 

Another essential addition for your kitchen, is dish soap. Euclove's Natural Dish Soap is tough on grease yet gentle on hands. The powerful coconut and olive-based soap easily cuts through tough baked-on food and grease leaving dishes squeaky clean. It's infused with tangerine and tulsi essential oils for a fresh, nice smelling fragrance. 

Euclove Natural Home SprayEuclove Natural Home Spray

Image: Euclove

Home & Bedding

Nothing screams home SWEET home more, than a fragrance that is in fact sweet. Euclove has home sprays in, Citrus & Sage or Eucalyptus, Clove and Vetiver. These sprays work to refresh the air and remove any unwanted odours. Did we mention they fill the air with goodness for at least 6 hours? Choose what areas of the home you'd like to spray. We recommend keeping one in the bathroom. 

When it's time to sleep, the last thing you want to worry about is any creepy crawlies. Euclove's Natural Bedding & Mattress Spray is a safe, natural way to help keep families safe from bed bugs, mites and lice. These essential oil blend works together to help protect you from nasty bugs whilst also preparing you for a restful sleep. How stress-free is that!?

Finally, when wanting to give your floors a clean, rid any stickiness, whilst ensuring a streak-free finish — you'll love Euclove's Floor Cleaner — perfect on tiles, ceramic, timber, bamboo, porcelain, engineered floors, slate, hardwood, laminate and more!

Free yourself from living in a home full of synthetic and toxic chemicals and make the switch to Euclove's range of natural cleaning products

What do you think about their new brand packaging made from milk bottles? We think it's fantastic and love seeing that they continue to advance and focus on sustainable practices. 

Make sure to check out our Eco Home Category to find out more on the cleaning products we stock here at F&F as well as some helpful cleaning tips!

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