Ecostore's Focus on Packaging

May 21, 2018by F&F

ecostore has introduced packaging, made from sugarcane-based plastics, that is 100% recyclable and also removes carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, helping their customers play an active role at a local level in making better choices.

Ecostore's Carbon Capture packaging is made from the ethanol found in sugarcane, a fast-growing and sustainable crop, that is consciously cultivated in Brazil. The ethanol goes through a dehydration process and is transformed into ethylene, which is then converted into polyethylene, the plastic Ecostore uses to make its bottles.

Unlike carbon neutral packing, which ultimately releases the captured CO2 back into the atmosphere when decomposing, Ecostore’s packaging uses sugarcane which captures carbon dioxide when growing, and remains trapped within the plant even when broken down and transformed into a non-petroleum based plastic. As long as the plastic is recycled, or even put into landfill, the carbon dioxide will not be released.

Every 1kg of Carbon Capture™ plastic that gets produced stores as much as the equivalent of 2kg of atmospheric CO2. That compares with the 1.83kg CO2 equivalent released into the atmosphere from traditional plastic packaging.



The use of sustainably grown sugarcane has caught the attention of many companies around the world - It is an ideal crop as it does not require highly-fertile soil and so can be grown in many places around the world. A significant “added bonus” is that it also doesn't grow near tropical rainforests unlike other in-demand industrialised plants, e.g. palm oil. And if that wasn’t enough, with the ever-growing awareness of the adverse effects of sugar in our diet, sugarcane is the ideal ingredient to be redirected and harnessed for packaging, and less for consuming.

Reducing their packaging is still an ongoing challenge for ecostore however they are dedicated to continuously work on solutions to minimise their waste wherever they can. To cover all recycling bases, ecostore continues to work closely with recycling centres to ensure their bottles and additional packaging can be easily recycled with the likes of petrochemical based products. In most cases, plant-based plastics cannot be recycled with petrochemical based products.

They are continuously updating their products with new environmental initiatives and commitment to zero waste. One of our favourites are their no-mess dishwasher tablets as they are individually wrapped in a PVA biodegradable wrapper that dissolves in your machine, so there's no need to touch the tablet. Ecostore products are all independently tested and are not released into the market unless they can match the performance, or be better than, leading retail brand alternatives. This makes the swap into a more eco-friendly lifestyle that little bit easier as knowing where to start, and who to trust, can be one of the hardest steps. ecostore takes the guesswork out, as their highly effective products provide an easy solution for those wanting to minimise their intake of toxins as well as contribute to enhancing the health of the environment.

Ecostore has grown exponentially since it began in a small permaculture ecovillage, however the company’s core mission still remains true today. Small changes make a huge difference. Help choose a better tomorrow with ecostore by checking out the range online now at F&F.

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