Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Nov 24, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Did you know, Australians uses more than 150,000km of wrapping paper at Christmas time. That's equivalent to 50,000 tress or wrapping the earth's equator almost 4 times! 

This Christmas, choose to make gift-giving more sustainable, with the help of Hello Snowglobe's Reusable Wrapping Paper. In this blog, we will show you 3 super cool ways to wrap your gifts, to impress your loved ones!

Reusable Gift WrapReusable Gift Wrap

Image: Instagram/ @hello_snowglobe

About Hello Snowglobe

Hello Snowglobe is an Australian company committed to saving trees by offering their eco-friendly, reusable fabric gift wraps. Wrapping paper is often used and discarded without much thought about its environmental impact. So the idea of creating a reusable, eco-friendly and 100% cotton fabric was a no brainer. In fact, they are intented to be reused for years to come. 

We like to think of these gift wraps, as a gift within themselves. The fabric is absolutely beautiful and there are so many designs you can choose from. By gifting to your loved ones, the gift recipient can then also get on the eco-friendly cho-choo train and choose to pass it on to their loved ones, time and time again. Alternatively, they may decide to get creative and transport the fabric into clothing — both options are very cool!

If you are gifting this wrap, there are a few ways you can do it. We like to draw our inspiration from the Japanese style of wrapping called Furoshiki. Follow our steps below.

Hello Snowglobe Reusable Gift WrapHello Snowglobe Reusable Gift Wrap

Image: F&F

Classic Wrap

There are many ways to wrap a present using Hello Snowglobe fabrics. But let's start with the easiest method — the classic wrap. You can think of the classic wrap as if you were wrapping a normal present.

To wrap:

  1. Lay the fabric out flat (print side down)
  2. Fold one half of the fabric over the gift, followed by the other half
  3. Then fold the smaller end of the fabric over the top (do the same for the other side) 
  4. Next, use the ribbon to form a bow
  5. Done!
Furoshiki WrappingFuroshiki Wrapping

Image: F&F

Market Wrap

Now that you've got the hang of the easy steps, try jazzing up the wrapping by tieing knots and bows to secure your gift. The market wrap is pretty cool and is great for gifts that you would normally put in a bag.

To wrap:

  1. Tie the two corners that are next to each together
  2. Then, tie the parallel corners together
  3. Bring the two folded corners together and tie the parallel corners together
  4. Done!
Furoshiki Christmas WrappingFuroshiki Christmas Wrapping

Image: F&F

Book Wrap

The book wrap, gets its name because it likes to wrap anything that's flat, square or rectangled shape. It’s functional and looks great too!

To wrap:

  1. Fold one corner over the present
  2. Fold the opposite corner over and leave a triangle flap hanging off the edge
  3. Tie the two side corners together twice
  4. Finally, tuck the triangle flap into the tie to secure it
  5. Done!

How will you be wrapping your Christmas presents this year?

If you have some other ideas on how to uniquely wrap presents, make sure to leave a comment below, or better yet, tag make a video and tag us on Instagram. We'd love to see your creations, it's a form of art after all. 

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