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Mar 04, 2022by Olivia - F&F

Abode, by Healthy Home Products, is one of Australia’s favourite natural cleaning brands! We’re thrilled to stock this range of safe, effective and affordable cleaning products for your kitchen, laundry and bathroom.

Abode Dish LiquidsAbode Dish Liquids

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Abode Cleaning Products | NO Nasty Chemicals

When we say that Abode products are ‘natural’, we really mean it! Abode cleaning products contain NO nasty chemicals — this includes phthalates, petrochemicals, harsh detergents, artificial fragrance, and many other toxic ingredients found in commonly used household cleaners. The Abode range is formulated with the highest food and pharmaceutical grade ingredients (over 99.9% purity) and pure essential oils for added function and natural fragrance. The entire range is also 100% vegan and cruelty-free, with sustainably-sourced ingredients that are eco-friendly and grey water safe.

Abode has everything you need to clean your surfaces, floors, toilets, windows, dishes and clothes — without the nasties!

Cooking In The KitchenCooking In The Kitchen

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Kitchen | Non-Toxic Surface Sprays & Dish Liquid Concentrates

If you’re using harsh cleaning products on your dishes and surfaces, there’s a good chance you’re unintentionally consuming these chemicals. That’s why in your kitchen, it’s crucial to use natural cleaning products — like those from Abode — that are free from chemicals and nasties. 

Abode Surface Sprays clean surfaces like benchtops, stoves, tables, walls, tiles, and appliances to leave your home looking and smelling clean — without the toxic fumes! We have Wild Lavender & Mint, Ginger & Lemongrass, and Lime Spritz.

Abode's Dish Liquid Concentrates cut through grease and grime — they’re also gentle on skin and form a creamy lather!  The Abode Auto Dishwasher Powder, leaves you with sparkling clean dishes and no chemical residue.

Clean LaundryClean Laundry

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Laundry | Gentle Laundry Liquids, Powders & Fabric Softeners

We love Abode’s range of laundry products! Their clean ingredients mean they’re gentle on your skin and much better for the environment. 

Abode has a few different Laundry Liquids in 2L bottles — Wild Lavender & Mint, Blue Mallee Eucalyptus, Fragrance Free, and a gentle, fragrance-free formulation for Babies — as well as a laundry liquid for Wool & Delicates. To leave your clothes, sheets and towels super soft without harmful toxins, Abode have their Comfort Fresh Fabric Softener —  lavender, patchouli and juniper — and their Fragrance Free variation.

If you prefer laundry powder, Abode have these too. To achieve whiter whites and brighter colours, try the High Performance Laundry Soaker (Fragrance Free).

Clean BathroomClean Bathroom

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Bathroom | Powerful No-Mould Sprays, Toilet Gels & Floor Cleaners

When cleaning our bathrooms, we need products that effectively cut through soap scum, mould, dirt and grime. However, there’s no reason to reach for bleach and irritate our eyes, skin and lungs! 

One of our favourite products from Abode is the Mould Control Spray. This plant and mineral-based cleaner removes mould and biofilms from affected areas — without using harsh, irritating bleach. For everyday use, the Abode Bathroom Cleaner Spray cuts through soap scum, dirt and grime with ease. To clean, decalcify and freshen up your toilet, use Abode's Toilet Gel — Rosemary & Mint and Tea Tree.

Abode also have natural Floor and Timber Floor Cleaners, which effectively remove dirt, stains and scuff marks.

With Abode, cleaning your home naturally is easy. We love that Abode has safe and effective  cleaning products for the entire home — make sure you give them a try! 

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