Celebrate 5 Years of RosehipPLUS

Oct 02, 2017by Julie - F&F

RosehipPLUS is a Sydney based family business who are known as Australia’s leading Rosehip Specialists. Realising the benefits that rosehips offer the skin, and seeing a gap in the market, they decided to journey around the world to find the best organic rosehips.

 “This was more than five years ago when there wasn’t an abundance of Rosehip Oils available” explains General Manager, Russell Diamond. “Noticing an opportunity in the market, we wanted to offer Australians a rosehip oil in a bigger bottle, at a more affordable price and of course, the best quality”.

Russell found himself in Chile where he discovered rosehips being wild harvested across the Southern Andes Mountain Range. This is where they sourced their first batch of rosehip oil and where the oil still originates.

In September 2012, RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil in 50ml and 30ml bottles hit the shelves. The bottle size was larger than others on the market, considerably cheaper and of the highest possible quality.

 “We are proud to produce a Rosehip Oil that is 100% pure and natural and that is not altered in any shape or form. Nothing is added and nothing is removed, what comes from the Rosehip seed goes straight into the bottle” says Russell.

As the popularity of their Rosehip Oil increased, RosehipPLUS added a 15ml Skin-Boost Rosehip Oil Roll-On to the range – a first of its kind on the Australian beauty market and great for applying to concentrated areas. This was followed by the Hydrating Day CreamNourishing Night Cream, and their newest product, the Organic Daily Cream Cleanser.

Rosehip PLUS have consistently kept Rosehip Oil as the hero ingredient in all of their products, alongside an impressive list of other natural and organic skin loving ingredients such as coconut oil, sea buckthorn oil and chamomile.

The range remains focused on the multitude of benefits that rosehip oil offers the skin including helping with healthy looking skin, scars, stretchmarks, hydration, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles and more. Their brand promise today is still rooted in their original brand purpose, offering Australians affordable Certified Organic skincare without compromising on quality and results. Skincare that can be used by everybody, every day.

You can shop RosehipPLUS at Flora & Fauna. 

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