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Oct 28, 2022by Gabby - F&F

Looking for alternative to single-use plastic hand wash products? Baresop's solution is concentrated hand wash products that are Australian made, palm oil-free and packaged in recyclable or home compostable packaging. Let's check it out!

Baresop Hand Wash Baresop Hand Wash

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Baresop's Story

We're sure you've heard of liquid soap and soap bars, but what about foaming soap? Baresop is shaking up a storm, with their concentrated hand products — literally!

So how did Baresop come about? Well, it started with Founder Prisca, wanting to lead a more sustainable life. On her journey, she was surprised to see a lack of zero-waste solutions in the personal care and beauty space. The more she searched, the more she discovered that there were people all over the country looking for that same thing. Guess what? The product did not exist.

This is where the vision for a refillable bottle came to life. But what's more, Prisca wondered — "does this product need to be in liquid form?" After many tests, the answer was no. And so, Baresop was born. 

Baresop Hand Wash Starter KitBaresop Hand Wash Starter Kit

Image: Instagram / @baresop

Baresop | Hand Wash Products & Packaging

Baresop's products are vegan, made in Australia with plant-derived ingredients, and are palm oil and cruelty-free. Their packaging is made from recycled waste that’s either recyclable or home compostable to help you minimise single-use plastics. So not only do their products keep your hands clean, but your conscious too!

We are thrilled with the innovative way Baresop was made — to help reduce the number of plastic bottles ending up in landfill, and the tonnes of carbon emissions needed to transport their weight around. The waterless solution is a game changer to say the least. 

Hand Wash Concentrate Starter KitHand Wash Concentrate Starter Kit

Image: Instagram / @baresop

How To Use Baresop In 3 Easy Steps

Follow these quick steps, to use your planet-friendly hand wash:

Add 300ml of warm water and the contents of one sachet to your foaming pump bottle.
Close and shake the bottle for 30 seconds.
Your hand wash is ready to use!
Once you have your starter kit, the only thing you'll need when it runs out, are the refills! Choose between, Fingerlime & Sandalwood, Quadong & Rosalina, Desert Lime & Coconut and Bushberries & Applewood. 

Saving the world, one wash at a time, sounds pretty good, right? By choosing to use Baresop, you're helping to conserve water and reduce carbon emissions. We are absolutely thrilled to bring you this clever powder technology. Perfect to have in your bathroom and kitchen.

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