Fixing Fashion | How To Repair & Upgrade Your Clothes

Jun 06, 2021by Olivia - F&F

Repairing and upgrading your clothes just got a whole lot easier. Fixing Fashion is an online platform dedicated to helping you repair, upgrade and care for your clothes — without the price tag.

Let’s take a look at this amazing initiative and what they’re doing to promote ethical and upcycled fashion. Plus, we’ll explore how you can become a DIY fashion expert — for free!

What's the Problem with Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion refers to clothes that are made quickly and cheaply! The fear of missing out (FOMO), combined with influencer sponsorships, online marketing and plummeting prices, means that we’re rapidly buying more clothes to keep up with the latest trends. 

So, what happens to the clothes in the back of our wardrobe that are still in good condition? According to Clean Up Australia, every 10 minutes, Aussies throw away 15 tonnes of clothing and fabric waste into landfill. That adds up to 800,000 tonnes, or 31 kilograms per person, every year. 

That’s precisely why Fixing Fashion was created — to reimagine the fashion industry and give us the tools to avoid fast fashion altogether.

Fixing Fashion Tutorials

Fixing Fashion features a collection of upcycled clothing to inspire you, the information you need to replicate the pieces, and a global community for you to collaborate with! Fixing Fashion offers a ‘Collection’ of clothing on their website. They’re not trying to sell you anything. Instead, Fixing Fashion features a free DIY method for all sorts of things, like remaking, resizing, recolouring, decorating, needle felting and patch repairing! 

Frayed edges of your trousers? No worries! Try the Embroidery Decorative Coverup technique. Want a quick and personalised DIY gift for a loved one? Try the Personalised Embroidery technique.

Their video tutorials are packed with tips, guides and inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

Fixing Fashion Academy

The Fixing Fashion Academy is your one-stop-shop for information and tutorials! There are four different sections for you to explore: Basics, Care, Repair & Upgrade.  

Basics - provides you with the information you need to move forward — like the types of fibres and fabrics, sewing needles and stitches, and the types of seams that you can create.

Care - learn about the different types of stains and how to lift them, the various washing labels, and all about detergents and softeners.

Repair - find a complete guide of go-to repair techniques for fabrics, buttons and zippers!

Upgrade - let your imagination run wild! You’ll find lots of different techniques and tips to give your tired clothing a new life.

Share Your Fixes with #Fixing Fashion

If you’re keen to learn some new skills, reduce your dependence on fast fashion, and join a growing community of ethical fashion lovers — why not share your journey on social media with the #FixingFashion hashtag? 

It doesn’t matter if your attempts are a bit of a fail! You’re bound to find other like-minded beginners who are attempting the same techniques. You’ll find lots of inspiration, too. 

Head to The Eco Hub for more DIY inspiration and ethical fashion news! 

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