5 Superfoods To Boost Your Inner Health, Outer Beauty & Overall Wellbeing!

Jan 21, 2022by Olivia - F&F

Taking care of your inner health, outer beauty and overall wellbeing has never been easier — with Maca, Lucuma, Camu Camu, Plant-Based Collagen, and Medicinal Mushrooms! Below, we explore five different varieties of superfood-based powders and their impressive benefits.

Maca PowderMaca Powder

Maca Powder | Balance Your Hormones & Boost Your Energy

Maca powder has exploded in popularity due to its nutritional profile and hormonal-balancing benefits! The Maca plant, specifically the root, has an earthy, nutty taste which is great to add to your oatmeal, smoothies, pancakes, cereal, coconut yoghurt or baked goods. This superfood has been used for thousands of years due to its nutritional and medicinal value. 

Consuming Maca powder can provide essential vitamins and minerals; boost your libido (sexual desire); relieve symptoms of menopause; improve your mood; boost your energy levels; improve men’s fertility, and improve learning and memory. 

At F&F, we have the Loving Earth Raw Organic Maca Powder (125g) and the Botanika Basics Maca Powder (300g).

Lucuma Powder Loving EarthLucuma Powder Loving Earth

Lucuma Powder | Control Your Blood Sugar & Promote Heart Health

The Lucuma fruit — nicknamed the “Gold of the Incas” — has been used in South America for centuries due to its sweet taste and nutritional benefits! Typically, it’s used in powder-form as a healthier substitute for sugar. Some people say it tastes like sweet potato and butterscotch, so it’s perfect to use in baked goods, smoothies, or anywhere you’d add sweetener.

Consuming Lucuma powder can provide complex carbohydrates and a variety of antioxidants; control blood sugar levels; boost eye health and vision, and promote heart health due to its polyphenol content. Here at F&F, we have the Loving Earth Raw Organic Lucuma Powder (250g) and the Amazonia Raw Vegan Paleo Fermented Protein (Vanilla Lucuma), fantastic for consuming in your daily protein shake.

Camu Camu PowderCamu Camu Powder

Camu Camu Powder | Boost Your Vitamin C & Fight Inflammation

Camu Camu is another South American superfood! These tart, sour berries are native to the Amazon Rainforest, and are typically found in powder, juice or pill form. With its sweet and sour taste, Camu Camu powder makes a great addition to smoothies, juices, and a variety of desserts.It's extremely rich in Vitamin C, which helps to boost immunity and the formation of collagen. In fact, Camu Camu powder can deliver up to 750% of the RDI of Vitamin C per teaspoon (5 grams)!

Camu Camu powder can also combat free radical damage due to its antioxidant capacity; fight inflammation in the body; improve blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and boost gut health. Shop Loving Earth Camu Camu Powder (150g) and Botanika Basics Camu Camu Powder (300g).

Plant Based Collagen Edible Beauty Botanika BlendsPlant Based Collagen Edible Beauty Botanika Blends

Plant-Based Collagen Powder | Improve Your Skin, Hair & Nails

Plant-based (vegan) collagen is an effective, cruelty-free alternative for those of us that don’t want to consume animal-derived collagen. Vegan collagen powders typically contain a blend of concentrated, nutrient-dense ingredients — like amino acids, probiotics, vitamins, and antioxidant-rich ingredients — formulated to help boost your body’s ability to make collagen. 

Consuming plant-based collagen powder can improve skin health and elasticity, reduce wrinkles and dryness, relieve joint pain, prevent bone fractures, boost muscle mass, promote heart health, and strengthen your hair and nails.

Both Edible Beauty Native Plant-Based Collagen Powder (85g) and the Botanika Blends Beauty Potion (300g) can be mixed with your fave drinks or breakfast bowls!

Medicinal Mushroom Powder Orchard StMedicinal Mushroom Powder Orchard St

Medicinal Mushroom Powders | Promote Overall Health & Vitality

If you’re looking to harness the health-boosting benefits of mushrooms, look no further than Orchard St! This Australian vegan and cruelty-free brand makes natural health elixirs, tonics and mushroom products to support wellness. Medicinal mushrooms — like Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, Maitake, Turkey Tail and Tremella — are nutritional powerhouses with a tonne of health benefits. 

Consuming these medicinal mushrooms can boost your immune system; support brain health and cognitive function; fight inflammation; manage blood sugar levels; support the nervous system; increase energy and stamina, and help to manage stress. Luckily, the Orchard St Seven Shrooms Medicinal Mushroom Powder contains all of the medicinal mushrooms listed above — in one convenient powder!

We love how simple it is to incorporate these health-boosting powders into your morning juice or smoothie! Each superfood-based powder boasts an impressive variety of benefits for your inner health, outer beauty and overall wellbeing. Which ones will you try?

Here at Flora & Fauna, we have a growing range of Vegan Supplements and Beauty Powders to maintain your health and incorporate into your beauty routine — take a look!

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