3 Things You Can Do For Earth Month

Apr 07, 2021by Justine - F&F

April is Earth Month! Here at F&F, our planet is always top of mind. We never stop talking about what we can do as a business and as individuals to combat climate change and save our planet. We love to inspire you with positive Eco News when we can, but we also have to face the facts— our planet needs our help. 

We know that a lot of you reading this blog and shopping at F&F are already eco-conscious and most of you are most likely already doing the 3 things we're about to mention, but to make it easier to share with friends and family, we thought we'd break it down into 3 easy things you can do to help our planet and make a difference. Here we go! 

Help our planet by composting!Help our planet by composting!

Compost And Recycle Your Soft Plastics! 

Composting is a lot of fun—especially if you've got a garden! It's fun to see your old food fueling your new food growing in rich soil. If you live in an apartment or don't have space for a garden, you can still compost. Read more about how to compost here

We are always shocked to hear how many people don't know you can recycle your soft plastics through REDcycle at your local supermarket. Some soft plastics include chip & cracker packets, baby food squeeze pouches, tofu soft packaging, rice bags, sachets and more. Find the list of what's accepted here

Eat More Plants!Eat More Plants!

Eat More Plants!

By switching to a plant-based, vegan diet, or reducing your animal product consumption, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and not contribute to the demand for these products and the damage factory farming causes to our planet. 

According to dosomething.org factory farming accounts for 37% of methane (CH4) emissions, which has more than 20 times the global warming potential of CO2.

Choosing a plant-based diet uses less water, less land, uses energy and produces far less greenhouse gases than animal agriculture. It's really a no-brainer! 

You need some ideas on what to cook, check out Cherie Tu's cookbooks

Be An Advocate For Our Planet!Be An Advocate For Our Planet!

Be An Advocate For Our Planet! 

You can do this in so many ways like sharing facts about climate change & our ocean on your social media, sparking conversations with friends & family, and even organising regular clean-ups with your community. 

Ask your local cafes to ditch plastic straws (if they haven't already), or supply plastic-free takeaway containers, better yet, bring your own! Encourage your friends, family and colleagues to use their KeepCups. Call out those rubbish tossers! Write an email to your local council and get involved in activities that can spread awareness among your community. 


We hope this inspires you to make some changes or share this blog with anybody who needs a bit of inspiration to start doing these 3 easy things! Together can make a difference, but we need to keep advocating for change, our planet needs us more than ever. 

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