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Sep 02, 2021by Gabby - F&F

Due to the covid pandemic, we are in our homes more than ever! Some of you may have restyled your room, started an outdoor veggie garden, cleaned out your pantries etc. The point is — with all this extra time spent in our homes, it's safe to say you can probably name exactly what's in your house from top to bottom. So why not use that knowledge to your advantage? 

For us, we've taken being at home as an opportunity to start looking around at the items we already have, but in a different way. What we mean by this is, before we throw out our mylk cartons for example or before we have to buy something new, we put our creative skills to the test first! 

So if you want to keep busy in lockdown, we think you will love these eco tips. The best part is, you should already have everything you need, right at home! 

Mylk Box Pot PlantMylk Box Pot Plant

Mylk Box Pot Plant

Here at F&F we are always finding new ways to upcycle or repurpose what we already have. So before you throw out your mylk box, we're showing you how you can turn it into a cute little pot plant. The best part is, it takes no time at all! Just follow these simply steps:

  1. Cut away the top section of the mylk box leaving enough room for whatever you would like inside it.
  2. Fold down 1-2cm of the top to create a clean, tidy rim around the top of the box. We folded it over twice to make it extra sturdy!
  3. Plant your seed, plants, or herbs inside. We have a great selection of seeds from The Little Veggie Patch Co.

That's it, you're done! You can now enjoy your new pot plant holder!

DIY Coffe Body ScrubDIY Coffe Body Scrub

DIY Coffee Body Scrub

Want a home-made, sustainable coffee body scrub to make during lockdown? No worries, here's how —

Mix together:

  • 1/2 cup of ground coffee
  • 1/2 cup of sugar or salt (something to act as a light abrasion
  • 1/4 cup of melted coconut oil

Once mixed, place in an airtight container — it should last you months! We've found that fresh coffee grounds work the best, but you could also use coffee grounds after you brewed a batch of home-made coffee. Just make sure you dry out the grounds completely, by leaving them outside in the sun or in the oven on a clean tray and Baking Mat, to prevent mould.

Lemon & Salt Sink CleanerLemon & Salt Sink Cleaner

Lemon And Salt Sink Cleaner

Have you ever found yourself ready to give your kitchen sink a well earned clean, to then realise you've run out of cleaning product? Don't stress, here’s a natural way to clean your sink that delivers brilliant results!

Simply, cut a lemon in half and cover the exposed fruit in salt or sugar. Then, all you have to do is give your sink a good scrub. The salt acts as a scour and the citric acid in the lemon will act as an antibacterial cleaner.

Once you're finished cleaning the sink, give it a good rinse with water and wipe down with a cloth. We highly recommend Retro Kitchen's Dish Cloth's. Not only do they work a treat, but their cute designs makes cleaning up a bit more fun!

By now, your sink should look sparkling clean and shiny!

We hope you enjoyed learning about these 3 eco tips! If you try them out, let us know how you went!

We'd love to know what you have come up with in your home. The possibilities are endless!

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