Joanne - Lover of Puns

Joanne is an incredible soul. She is a passionate vegan and loves animals. She has many, many fantastic ideas. Selling the TerraCycle boxes was Joanne's idea and she regularly challenges F&F to be better.

Joanne has just announced she is raising money for Lefty's Place Animal Sanctuary by shaving her head when she has raised $1000. We admire her and are very humbled by her. J

Joanne also loves puns and frequently makes us, and customers, giggle with her amusing handwritten notes. Joanne is a regular at the vegan markets and really believes in making change. When not doing any of this Joanne likes to go bouldering and spending time outdoors gazing at her other love, birds. Her favourite food is potatoes. 

If you want to support Joanne and Lefty's Place you'll find Joanne's fundraising page here