Tom - Star Wars Fan and Gets Stuff Done

Tom is our fearless CGSDO (Chief of Getting Stuff Done Officer) and a pretty awesome human. Tom just gets stuff done (he has another word for it). He sort of got dragged into F&F three years ago but now can talk hannahpads and hair dye with the best of them. Tom is a very proud Kiwi and constantly shouts about how amazing NZ is. 

Tom grew up in Whangarei, in Northland, and became an engineer specifically in trains - every young boys dream! Tom is phenomenal with analytics which makes him pretty handy and looks after the operations and finance at F&F. 

When Tom isn't working he loves napping, building models and brushing up on his Star Wars trivia. He also loves his veggie patch and building things. His dream one day is to build a boat; Julie wants it to be like Noah's Ark.