Sarah Jean Lashes Everyday Wear SJ001

  • For a Natural Look for Everyday Wear
  • Apply with the Mascara Adhesive Gel
  • Vegan and Certified Cruelty Free
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Sarah Jane Lashes for Everyday Wear, Vegan and Cruelty Free, available at Flora & Fauna.  

These lashes are light and blend perfectly with your own lashes to create a natural look and feel. The varying lengths of the lash strands means it doesn't feel like you are wearing lashes yet you gain length and thickness. 

Loved by many they are easy to apply they apply using a world first adhesive gel in a mascara wand. Use Sarah Jean's tweezers to help apply. 

Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan. 

SJ001 – natural look; people will think you’re naturally blessed with gorgeous lashes
SJ002 – perfect for the 1920s glam look
SJ003 – dainty, long strands but sparse so offer length while being lovely and natural
SJ004 – super glam, long, fluttery yet light; perfect for special events
SJ005 – sexy, voluminous, luscious

Sarah Jean eyelashes are made to be worn once, however if you gently remove them and keep on the blister tray and covered, you can wear them up to three times. 

  1. Apply your eyeshadow and eyeliner first

    By doing so, you won’t have any of the eyeshadow dust land on your false eyelashes once they’re in place. Once you apply the false eyelashes, you can simply touch up your eyeshadow or eyeliner if you make any little smudges.

  2. Apply mascara after you have applied the eyelashes

    If you are using a black adhesive, you may not need to wear mascara at all. For the clear adhesive, you may like to apply mascara to help the lashes blend to your natural lashes – creating a really full and glamourous look.

  3. Be prepared

    Have your lashes, adhesive and tweezer applicator tool handy. There’s nothing worse than applying the adhesive and then wondering where the lashes or tweezers are! With the SARAH JEAN adhesive, you don’t have to wait for the adhesive to become sticky before applying the lashes. The mascara style brush and bottle enables just the right amount of adhesive to go on to the brush and thus your real lashes.

  4. Measure the lashes against your eye and cut to size if need be

    It’s annoying having put the lashes in place only to realise it’s a little too long. Simply place one of the false eyelashes against one eye and note where to trim. Depending on the style of lash, trim from the part of the lash that sits at the inner part of your eye – keeping the length for the outer part of your eye. Once you have the size right, place the trimmed lash against the other lash so you can cut it to the same size.

  5. Trial where you want to place the lashes before you apply the adhesive

    With the applicator tool, you’ll find placing the lashes much easier. Hold one end of the lashes with your fingertips and the other end with the tweezers. Then gently put the lashes in place along your eyelid. To prevent the lashes from attaching to your real lashes before they’re in place, go in from the top, above your lashes rather than straight on (refer to step 3 on the SARAH JEAN instruction manual).Once you know where you want to place the lashes, apply the adhesive and use the tweezers to press into place. Apply a little extra adhesive to either end of the lashes as this is where lashes tend to lift. To finish, touch up any smudges that may have occurred while applying the lashes. Apply mascara if you wish and you’re ready to go!

Synthetic material, latex free and cruelty free. 

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