Sample Team

Julie - Experience Creator

Julie is the Founder of Flora & Fauna and Chief Experience Officer. She is one driven individual when it comes to our planet, animals and making a difference. Her favourite food is green curry and she loves running, diving, skiing and Lord Howe Island.

Tom - Star Wars Fan and Gets Stuff Done

Tom is our CGSDO (Chief of 'Getting Stuff Done' Officer); he loves his processes. Tom also loves trains, Star Wars and music. In his youth he was in a band and is a pretty good pianist. Tom's favourite food is anything from Suzy Spoons.

Jess - Head of Customer Happiness

Jess makes sure your beautiful parcels get out the door. She is a superstar and an absolute treasure. Jess is also a fitness guru, very sporty (she puts us all to shame) and loves her vegan food. Jess's favourite food is avocado - yum!

Jules - The Early Adopter

Jules has seen it all at F&F having been with us from the beginning. She loves her grandson and tells it as it is. We got Jules on to Beetroot Chocolate Cake and she loved it!

Kim - The Dancing Queen

Kim is a superstar around F&F and loves Rosie and uses being in the warehouse as an excuse to exercise. We first met Kim at puppy school when Kim was training Chocco and we were training Rosie. Kim loves blueberries and is a professional dancer.

Nikki - The Magic Maker

Nikki is our design whizz and guru. She can translate very brief briefs into pieces of art so we think she creates magic. Nikki lives in the Adelaide Hills and loves the country and being outside. She also loves the world of digital and tech.

Lizzy - Beauty Box Extraordinaire

Lizzy loves chickens. In fact that might be the first thing you hear from Lizzy. Oh and guinea pigs too! She loves animals in general. Lizzy is also our Beauty Box Extraordinaire and makes sure you all get your boxes in time.

Joanne - Lover of Puns

Joanne is a passionate vegan and loves animals. She has many, many fantastic ideas. Selling the TerraCycle boxes was Joanne's idea and she regularly challenges F&F to be better. Joanne is very giving and humbling. Her favourite food is potatoes.

Jen - The Gym Bunny

Jen is one fun mum and loves her exercise! She loves her family, children, sisters and also loves a laugh or two. Jen works in our Customer Happiness team making sure you all get your beautiful parcels. Jen will give anything a go when it comes to food.

Mulanne - The Succulent Enthusiast

Mu is sister to Joanne (one of many sibling sets) at Flora & Fauna and very creative. She loves succulents (they are plants and has over 100!) and also desserts. Mu is studying visual communication design and is an aspiring artist.