Perky Bamboo Reusable Cup - Purple & Blue (12oz)

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  • Reusable Biodegradable Coffee Cup 12oz

  • Made from Bamboo Fibre and Corn Fibre

  • Silicone Heat Resistant Sleeve

  • Spout Lid with Secure Hole Plug

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Perky By Nature Bamboo Reusable Medium Coffee Cup

Purple Design with a Blue Lid in Medium, 12 oz. 

These reusable, biodegradable, cups are made from bamboo fibre, corn fibre and natural resin. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that (unlike trees) can be harvested without destroying the plant. The bamboo fibre, the waste material left behind from traditional manufacturing processes, is collected and repurposed to create a wide range of contemporary, stylish and durable lifestyle and outdoor products. When buried, these products return back to nature without without harming the environment and it is a fraction of the time it takes plastic to degrade.

  • 12oz/ 354ml capacity
  • Raw Materials – Bamboo Fibre, Corn Fibre and Natural Resin
  • Spout lid with secure hole plug
  • Central hole to fit a straw
  • Biodegradable within approx. 3 years when buried
  • Great alternative to plasticware
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Heat-resistant up to 120°c (248°F) (Not for use in microwaves)
  • Silicone ring within the lid
  • Silicone sleeve
  • Lid screws on and off


Perky By Nature is created out of a love for coffee, tea and our environment. They've created a long lasting, fun and bright coffee cup that is reusable and also has that take away coffee cup feel . 

Made from 65% bamboo fibre, 30% corn fibre and 5% natural resin they are designed to last but when you have finished with them you can bury them and they will biodegrade in around 3 years. The silicone sleeve and lid seal can be recycled. 


Screw the lid on and off. Make sure the silicone ring is inside the lid.

Raw Materials – Bamboo Fibre, Corn Fibre and Natural Resin


By: on 5 July 2018
Perfect size for a cup of tea/coffee/whatever-takes-your-fancy. When the silicone toggle is fastened open on the lid it can block the little hole for airflow which creates a vacuum inside the cup (I tend to hold it to the side when I drink so it's not a deal breaker by any means).

Excellent all-rounder!

By: on 1 July 2018
I love this cup! It helps to keep my drink warm, it is comfortable to hold when it has a newly poured hot drink in it, it easily slides in and out of my car cup holders, it doesn't leak when I'm drinking from it and it is easy to clean.

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