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Pearl Bar Eco Friendly 100% Biodegradable Charcoal Infused Floss Picks available online at Flora & Fauna. 

In packs of 30.  

The newest addition to the PearlBar product range is the fabulous charcoal-infused floss pick, powerful and just like their Planet-Loving toothbrushes they’re 100% biodegradable.

Traditional dental floss is made from nylon coated with wax – the super strong thread doesn’t degrade, so it can’t be composted or recycled. That means countless strips of plastic are being discarded every day – compounded by plastic floss pick handles – which contributes to landfill and negatively impacts the environment.

PearlBar Planet-Loving Floss Picks not only offers an eco-friendly alternative to using standard floss picks – they also offer your pearls a better clean.

In convenient zip locked bags of 30, Pearl Bar floss picks are perfect for travel and we ship them for free!


Charcoal-infused floss

From as far back as 30,000 BC, charcoal has been used as one of nature’s best absorbing and cleaning agents. Charcoal is a natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral agent; it detoxifies and deodorises your mouth, balancing PH levels while absorbing odour.

PearlBar’s charcoal infused floss offers all the natural power and significant health benefits of charcoal – as you floss, the activated charcoal naturally whitens your teeth while absorbing stain-causing toxins and cavity-forming bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath.


Biodegradable pick

Each Planet-Loving floss pick has a carefully designed handle made from 100% biodegradable materials; the floss and the pick handle can be returned to the earth after use, without causing any harm to Mother Nature.

Once you’ve finished with your Planet-loving Floss Pick, simply place it in soil and let nature take its course. Your pick – and its packaging – will naturally biodegrade within six months.


PearlBar is 100% Australian owned and dontaes 10% from every toothbrush to charity   



Floss your teeth as often as needed the return your pick to nature to biodegrade. 


I wish it was stronger

By: on 31 January 2018
I want to love this product, but i find the floss not strong enough and it can take 2/3 pearl bars to floss the entire mouth. This feels counter productive as your having to purchase more which means more packaging as well as increasing the cost.


By: on 10 July 2017
I had high hopes for these, as I'm a keen glosser so go through a lot of floss sticks. However they're very disappointing. The sticks are way too small and fiddly to use. The floss is overly thick making is difficult to get between teeth. To compound this, the floss shreds and snaps easily, which led to me having a piece stuck between my teeth for some time. This has never happened with other floss sticks. This product needs significant improvement.

Floss floss floss

By: on 17 June 2017
I have to say the fact that it's black and biodegradable attracted me! They are really nice to use! They need to make bigger packs available though for the family :D


By: on 14 June 2017
Absolutely love these little picks!! Love PearlBar!


By: on 5 November 2016
Love everything about these... they work and everything from the packaging to the product is biodegradable.

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