My Magic Mud Charcoal Tooth Powder (30g)

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My Magic Mud Natural, Vegan Charcoal Tooth Powder for Detoxifying and Whitening Teeth available online at Flora & Fauna. 

This is one product you are going to love just as we did when we first used it! My Magic Mud Tooth Powder is a 100% natural way to whiten your teeth and improve oral hygiene. After using this revolutionary formula, your teeth will feel polished and clean as if you had just visited the dentist. Although this unique product is black in color, it is flavourless in taste. The  “mud” is safe for all ages to use and the ingredients are so natural you could swallow them!


150 applications per jar, vegan, just 4 natural ingredients!

My Magic Mud Tooth Powder is the leading alternative to conventional teeth whiteners, which are frequently reported to tarnish the enamel and cause harm to the gums. This blend has been lab tested to ensure that it is safe for your enamel and will not cause sensitivity. The high pH level will kill cavity-causing bacteria and can even eliminate “dragon” breath. In fact, countless customer testimonials suggest that regular use has actually reversed their tooth and gum sensitivity while boosting their oral health.

These carefully selected ingredients will make your smile brighter, and your mouth happier. Congratulations on discovering the original activated coconut shell charcoal and calcium bentonite clay based tooth powder.  


How does it work?

The “magic” in My Magic Mud Tooth Powder is in the simplicity of this blend, each natural ingredient playing an important part individually and synergistically. The activated coconut shell charcoal in My Magic Mud scrubs your teeth squeaky clean while actively detoxifying your mouth. We use a grit-free, ultra fine granular that is food grade and gentle on the enamel. Our calcium bentonite clay improves your dental hygiene and re-mineralizes your enamel, lifting the toxins right out of your gums and teeth through a process known as ‘adsorption.’ Mix in the certified organic mint extract and certified orange peel extract - as a natural anti-inflammatory and for added whitening power - and you get the hottest oral care product on the market.

We’ve put every ingredient under the microscope, and we only use what works. Be careful of brands that intentionally complicate their formulas and include ingredients they haven’t analyzed for abrasivity and pH levels.


Why should I use it?

In an effort to achieve overall health, most people focus on diet, supplementation, and working out. Oral health is connected with the rest of the body and it’s easy to forget where the first step of digestion occurs, the mouth! Why continue to use toothpastes that include sodium lauryl phosphate, triclosan, glycerin, fluoride, and other potentially harmful chemicals? Just look at the warning labels on a standard tube of toothpaste!

You know that great feeling you have when you run your tongue over your teeth after you leave the dentist? Then the next day, not so clean? This happens because plaque builds up in just 24 hours - and even the glycerin in toothpaste coats the teeth, creating a film that may lead to further plaque buildup. Not to worry! Our tooth powder will give you a deep cleaning every time you use it. But be warned, you’ll never want to go back to mainstream toothpaste use.

Our tooth powder uses only the best food grade and supplement grade ingredients. This completely flavorless blend will actually neutralize the taste that’s in your mouth. While some of the natural oral care products taste pretty awful, ours is tasteless and the mint that we add offers a slight note of freshness. Who knew a tooth powder could whiten your teeth, remove plaque, and not contain any harmful chemicals or questionable additives?




1) Once a day (we use a night) put half a spoon under your tongue or on top of your bristles of your toothbrush.

2) Clean your teeth for two minutes and watch your teeth go black then rinse out. For less mess use in the shower. Use in place of toothpaste. 

3) Feel how clean your teeth are and how detoxed your teeth are. We were amazed after the first use about how amazing this product is. 

4) Use every day. 


Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal (supplement grade), Calcium Bentonite Clay (made with Living Clay) (supplement grade), Certified Organic Orange Peel Extract Powder, Wildcrafted Mint Extract Powder

So amazing I can’t live without it now!

By: on 10 April 2019
This is the best natural teeth whitening I’ve ever used! I could tell the difference in the colour of my teeth within days and it always leaves my teeth feeling incredibly clean.


By: on 12 July 2018
Haven't noticed much change from this tooth powder - does make your teeth feel super super clean. Is finer milled than most cheap Charcoal Tooth Powders which is great.

It works

By: on 15 May 2018
I noticed a difference after a few uses, my teeth seemed lighter and brighter. Definitely leaves teeth feeling deep cleaned. I use this at night and find even after flossing there is still some black residue and it's harder to flush out but by morning it is gone, and I use the minty magic mud toothpaste during the day then floss which easily washes away without residue so I can quickly brush/floss and go out. To be honest this powder has a muddy after taste, but it works and it does more cleaning action than the toothpaste. I'm glad I use them both together.


By: on 11 May 2018
I bought it for myself but my partner loves as well now I have to share. Is messy if your not careful. Does an amazing job, even with my senitive teeth. LOVE IT!!

Magic mud charcoal tooth powder

By: on 28 January 2018
I really love it can definitely tell the difference I was skeptical but would definitely buy more!

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