Lonvitalite Microneedle Derma Roller Face & Body Kit

  • For Skin Needling to Revitalise Skin
  • Improves the Efficacy and Results of Product
  • Use 2-3 Times Per Week
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Lonvitalite Microneedle Dermal Roller to Rejuvenate and Revitalise Your Skin

The Lonvitalite Face & Body Roller Kit contains 4 at-home devices with varying needle lengths to improve the tone and texture of your skin from your lips, eye area and face to thighs, stomach and buttocks.

One roller device with 4 heads:

  • Body - 1200 Needles 1.5mm
  • Face - 600 Needles 0.5mm
  • Eyes & Lips - 240 Needles 0.3mm
  • Derma Stamp - 12 Needles 0.25mm
  • + sterilising tray

This, at-home, skin needling kit is easy to use and can help deliver product to the skin more quickly and efficiently. 

The micro needle dermal roller has titanium needles and is listed with the TGA. The needles create micro channels on the surface of the skin enhancing the overall efficacy and results by aiding the passage through to the outer dermal layer and allow the active ingredients to penetrate and reach their targeted areas. Rolling the device over the face as directed can improve collagen production, rejuvenate the skin and create a more vibrant complexion. It can also be effective for uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles. For a more intense regime you will find salon treatments use longer needles which help with improved collagen production.

Lonvitalite is a QLD based business that started in 2009. They are focused on providing high quality skin care and tools. Their micro-derma roller is TGA listed and helps stimulate skin repair and cell regeneration. Now available online at Flora & Fauna.


1. Thoroughly cleanse your skin to remove all traces of make-up and pat dry with a soft towel.

2. Gently roll up and down across each section of your face 5-10 times using an equal speed and light pressure. Avoid eyes and lips.

3. First roll vertically, then horizontally and then diagonally in a Union Jack pattern. Complete this on each area. (You may need to vary the pressure on the more sensitive areas of your face).

4. The treatment should take a couple of minutes and can be repeated 2-3 times a week.

5. Apply appropriate serum or elixir and press onto the skin until absorbed.

Products may “spike” or tingle after application. This is a normal sensation. If irritation develops, discontinue use or use less frequently. Ideally, and for optimal results, the dermal roller should be used for up to two minutes morning and night.

Cleaning: Add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to a water solution and clean with a toothbrush every 3rd day. You can also use medical alcohol to sterilize the derma roller or rinse the derma roller head under hot water. Replace every 12 months.

Titanium Needles, Plastic Body, Plastic Storage and Sterilisation Container

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