Earth Purities Bicarbonate Free Deodorant For Her (50ml)

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  • Bicarbonate Free Deodorant

  • Aluminium and Paraben Free

  • With Scents of Violet, Rose Geranium and Lavendin

  • Effective in harsh Australian climates to keep you fresh all day

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Earth Purities Bicarbonate Free Deodorant, Pure for Her

Earth Purities craft beautiful products that are all natural and really do work. Their Detox a Pit is very popular and their Bicarbonate Free Deodorant is expected to be a big success.

Why Natural Deodorant and Why Bicarbonate Free?

Natural deodorant is a must. It's one of the main things you can do for your bodies and your health. Traditional deodorant works by plugging your sweat ducts and contains aluminium and often parabens. All of these things combined means you are creating a lot of stress on your body. Your body isn't able to sweat and release waste and toxins, which we are designed to do, and our body is absorbing aluminium and dangerous parabens. There have been studies that show links to cancer. And we don't want that. 

Natural Deodorant works by letting your body breathe and sweat but they neutralise the odour. When you first change across your body often goes through a stage of detoxification so you might smell or sweat a bit more. Please don't give up, it will pass but might take a few days to a few months. This is really important for your body. You can read more on why to make the switch in our article on Natural Deodorant

Many deoodorants contain bicarbonate soda as it is excellent at neutralising odour. However not all our bodies like it and can suffer from red skin, itching and rashes so Earth Purities has crafted two Bicarbonate Free deodorants and they are excellent. 

The Her Version is a Roll On and quite floral in smell. It harnesses the power of Apple cider vinegar to help calm the skin and provide an effective odour free experience. The smell of vinegar disappears after 5 minutes to reveal the beautiful scent of Violet, rose geranium, lavandin and grapefruit.

Earths Purities does not use any chemical emulsifiers therefore we have combined ‘palm oil free’ vegetable glycerine and xanthan gum to provide a thicker perfected formula and due to this a slight separation of oils can occur in different climates.  Simply shake well before use and the formula will combine to its natural state. A natural preservative broad spectrum system has been incorporated to the formula to ensure an 18 month shelf life.  Earths Purities formula has been tried and tested to ensure we are offering our consumers a wonderful natural deodorant that is highly effective in the Australian harsh climates.


To use please shake the product well before application then roll onto the desired area.  Allow a minute or so for the formula to dry and penetrate the skin and enjoy this beautiful product as much as we do.  The smell of vinegar will disappear after around 5 minutes and reveal the gorgeous all natural scent.

*Organic raw apple cider vinegar, Organic arrowroot, *Organic coconut oil, *Organic witch hazel extract, Collodial silver, Food grade diatomaceous earth, *Organic vegetable glycerine, Food grade bentonite clay *Organic aloe vera concentrate, *Organic jojoba oil, Organic macadamia oil, Radish root ferment filtrate, Rose geranium essential oil, Lavandin essential oil, May Chang essential oil, Grapefruit essential oil, Black pepper essential oil, Peru balsam essential oil, Violet essential oil, Natural Vitamin E, Vanilla almond extracts, Xanthan gum.

*Certified Organic

Great natural deodorant

By: on 18 March 2018
Maybe smell just isn't that big a factor for me in choosing a deodorant or I just didn't notice what the other reviewers have mentioned (or both?). I love this deodorant. It works great, I love that it's an ACV base and I love that when I put it on it feels like I'm using the best and most effective natural ingredients!


By: on 14 October 2017
Smells pretty bad. I kept it on, thinking that the smell will go away, which it eventually did. However the deodorant was not even effective! Big dissapointment.

Very happy

By: on 23 August 2017
At first I was overwhelmed by the fragrance, but it settles very quickly and works extremely well. Need to buy some more!

Not for me

By: on 6 July 2017
I had such high hopes for my first natural deodorant but alas, this one gets a big no from me. I will have no idea how well it actually works though as the fragrance was so off putting to me I ended up washing it off. It was too strong and smelled like something an elderly woman might wear. Not a fan of this one.

Works great

By: on 17 April 2017
I've tried a lot of natural deodorants and this by far has worked best for me. I used to get reactions from bicarb, so this non-bicarb product is great. Give this roll on a chance as at first it is quite a revolting vinegar smell, but after a few minutes it settles into a pleasant smell and lasts me most of the day. Depending on my activity I may need to top up, but overall I love it and I have been through so many. Highly recommend :)

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