Desert Shadow Organic Hair Dye Deep Red Shadow (100g)

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  • Natural, Certified Organic Semi Permanent Hair Dye

  • For a Deep Fire Red Colour

  • Contains Henna and Botanicals

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Desert Shadow Organic Hair Dye in Deep Red Shadow to give an intense red tone to your hair, available at Flora & Fauna. 

Up to 6 weeks of semi permanent to permanent hair colour.  

Intense Fiery Copper, Deep Red Shadow will give a deep fire red to grey, light blonde and dark blonde hair and will add a cherry burgundy tone to light brown and medium brown hair. When used on dark brown and black hair a red reflex effect can be seen in the shimmering sunlight.

This colour is ideal for fair to medium warm complexions, those who love daring colour and people with naturally red hair. This colour looks amazing with green or blue eyes.

This product includes Henna. 

Note from Flora & Fauna: You may think these products are fussy and you need time. Let me assure you that this isn't the case. I am someone with no time and I enjoyed this; it's easy, quite fuss free and your hair feels, and smells, amazing. There is a bit of preparation but it's the same as stirring a bowl of pasta - no effort and that comes from someone who doesn't cook a lot.   


Desert Shadow Hair Colour Products also act as a hair treatment, helping to repair dry and damaged ends, leaving your hair silky soft and shiny

This Non-irritating 100% Certified Organic formula is ideal for those who have scalp issues, sensitive skin and allergies to commercial hair dyes. It is also a wonderful and safe alternative for Pregnant Mums who would like to continue colouring during pregnancy*  as they contain nothing but Certified Organic Goodness.




Allow yourself plenty of time for this treatment but enjoy it as it is a relaxing treatment.

1) Mix sachet shortly before you wish to apply it. 
2) Mix with Spice Sachet and warm water or herbal tea, a little bit at a time until it forms a thick paste. 
3) Leave for 10-15 minutes to sit before applying to your hair.
4) Apply to your hair and cover with a shower cap or cling wrap. Leave for 2-4 hours and then wash off. For deeper results leave as long as possible. For grey coverage leave over 3 hours. 

Follow the detailed instructions in the pack. 

Note if the recipe indicates do add honey you do not need to do this to keep it vegan. 


At Desert Shadow, they only work with botanical ingredients so they use a variety of plants to create the different shades, although, every colour has a different formulation.

Ingredients: Lawsonia inermis (Henna), Aloe barbadensis. 

Not just a colour, it is an experience

By: on 7 February 2018
This is the third time I have used Desert Shadow to colour my hair. I have used two brown shades and now the red. They all give a gorgeous glossy result, leaving my hair in brilliant condition. I always set up and freeze as per the instructions when I get the box . Then when I have a day to myself, I brew my herbs and honey to mix with the powders, apply to my head and find a good series on Netflix or a good book. It is such a loving process, kind to you, kind to the earth, and the result is an enhancement of your beautiful self. I adore this product and am sure I will be using it for many years to come, and recommending to my daughters when they come of an age that they want to express themselves with hair colours.

Great henna hair color

By: on 13 January 2018
Works very well and lasts . Good company to go with fast delivery and good customer service :)

Wonderful product.

By: on 10 January 2018
This is the first time that I have ever used a product like this. It was a dream to use and none of that chemical smell. My hair has never felt as thick and I have had quite a few comments on how shiny it looks. Delivery was super quick and the packaging was beautiful. Will definitely be using this again. I have numerous severe allergies so this being all natural produce has been perfect. Thank you x

Deep red hair dye

By: on 22 December 2017
I loved it :) not quite as deep a red as I was hoping for but I think I will achieve my desired colour with another application. As my hair was blonde balayage it's picked up on that and now I have a nice red balayage! I left the colour in for three hours (the instructions say leave it for two) I have long thick hair and one sachet was more than enough to cover all my hair (I would normally buy two packets of a box hair dye). The smell is just an earthy smell and not unpleasant, I'd prefer it to breathing in unnatural chemicals of other dyes! Also love that it came with a cute hand written note inside the box, and minimal packaging (no plastic) Would recommend


By: on 30 April 2017
The first hair dye I have been able to use with no reaction! My scalp didn't burn and the coverage is fantastic. On my dark brown hair the red is subtle and just what I was after and great coverage of the sneaky greys that were peeking through. Fully recommend!

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