Desert Shadow Organic Hair Dye Deep Chestnut Shadow (100g)

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  • Natural, Certified Organic Semi Permanent Hair Dye

  • The Darkest Brown from Desert Shadow

  • Contains Henna and Botanicals

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Desert Shadow Organic Hair Dye in Deep Chestnut Shadow is the darkest brown available in the Desert Shadow range and is available at Flora & Fauna. 

Up to 6 weeks of semi permanent to permanent hair colour.  

The darkest brown in town, Deep Chestnut is just a couple of shades off black. It will give a darkest brown with red highlights in the sun to all hair colours**

** We recommend a Red Shadow base application for hair with more than 50% grey and light blonde hair to achieve full colour results.

This Colour is ideal for fair to medium warm complexions, light olive complexions and people with naturally brown hair.

This product includes Henna. 

Note from Flora & Fauna: You may think these products are fussy and you need time. Let me assure you that this isn't the case. I am someone with no time and I enjoyed this; it's easy, quite fuss free and your hair feels, and smells, amazing. There is a bit of preparation but it's the same as stirring a bowl of pasta - no effort and that comes from someone who doesn't cook a lot.   


Desert Shadow Hair Colour Products also act as a hair treatment, helping to repair dry and damaged ends, leaving your hair silky soft and shiny

This Non-irritating 100% Certified Organic formula is ideal for those who have scalp issues, sensitive skin and allergies to commercial hair dyes. It is also a wonderful and safe alternative for Pregnant Mums who would like to continue colouring during pregnancy*  as they contain nothing but Certified Organic Goodness.



Allow yourself plenty of time for this treatment but enjoy it as it is a relaxing treatment.

1) mix sachet 1 the night before with lemon juice then leave overnight. 
2) the following day add some water to the paste until it's a thick paste.
3) in a separate bowl mix sachet 2(in the box) with warm water until smooth. Leave for 15 minutes then combine both pastes. 
4) apply to your hair and cover with a shower cap or cling wrap. Leave for 2-4 hours and then wash off. 

Follow the detailed instructions in the pack. 

Note if the recipe indicates do add honey you do not need to do this to keep it vegan. 



At Desert Shadow, they only work with botanical ingredients so they use a variety of plants to create the different shades, although, every colour has a different formulation.

Ingredients: Indigofera tinctoria, Lawsonia interims (Henna), Aloe barbadensis.


Didn't work for me

By: on 16 May 2019
I recently purchased this product thinking it will be fantastic to go chemical free. But I was so disappointed with the results. I specifically used this product for grey hair coverage. Sadly it worked on my rest of the hair leaving my grey as it is. Giving it a star for being natural but as far as results go I still have the same amount of grey hair as before applying the product.

Amazing service and product

By: on 1 September 2018
Absolutely amazing I always have had allergies and even been to hospital from any other hair dye since using this product I have never had problems love this product and will recommend this to everyone

Love this product

By: on 30 August 2018
I tried this colour for the first time Two weeks ago and have since purchased another one I have long coarse hair and this product left my hair feeling soft and manageable for the first time ever It’s not as time consuming as I read it would’ve been Loved the result and no nasty chemicals

First time w henna

By: on 11 July 2018
First time using a 'natural' product as I had no idea that most standard companies test on animals!! Well no way I am supporting THAT! Yes it was messy, and took longer than the nasty chemical stuff but SOOOOO worth it! The colour is divine, rich and shiny and my hair is so soft. Ive just bought another box for my next touch up. Definitely love this product!

This will be a regular purchase for me

By: on 18 June 2018
This was the first time ever that I coloured my hair or used any hair colouring products. I had been deferring colouring my hair due to concerns of the nasty chemicals in most other hair dye products, and was going to just embrace my greys, until I discovered this range of products. The preparing process was really enjoyable - in particular, it smelled just divine. Actually it smelled so good that I had to remind myself not to taste any. Of course, this might not be every one's cup of tea -- it would be like with liquorice that people may either lover it or hate it. The result was great -- I can still see where the original greys were, but they certainly do not stand out as much now but have got a shimmer on them. I did not use a red shade as the first step, but when I have more greys, I may take the advice and start with a red shade first for a better grey coverage. That just means that it will increase the cost a bit. I wash my hair every other day, and by the current look, my colouring may not last 6 weeks, which is ok because I can't wait for the next application just to immerse myself in the divine scents again.

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