Grey Whale Spotted In Ocean It Became Extinct From 200 Years Ago
Jun 06, 2024by Your F&F Team
The New England Aquarium team recently spotted a grey whale in the Atlantic Ocean, an ocean that it became extinct from some 200 years ago.  So why the sudden comeback?
Meet Our Ocean-Loving Brands
Jun 06, 2024by Your F&F Team
We don’t want to play favourites when it comes to our beloved brands, but when...
Let’s Get Involved This World Ocean Day!
Jun 05, 2024by Olivia - F&F
Happy World Ocean Day! On the 8th of June, let’s celebrate our life-sustaining oceans and work towards protecting 30% of our blue planet by 2030.
6 Eco Swaps To Help The Planet
May 27, 2024by Gabby - F&F
Check out these 6 easy swaps to help you avoid plastic!
Creatures of the Compost
May 09, 2024by Your F&F Team
We know home composting benefits the planet – but did you know about the fantastic fauna in and around your garden that it benefits, too? 
10 Tips to Reduce Food Waste
May 09, 2024by Your F&F Team
At Flora and Fauna, we're passionate about living sustainably and we know you are too, and reducing food waste is a huge part of that. Not only does it help the planet, but it also saves you money and supports a more ethical food system.  
International Compost Awareness Week
May 08, 2024by Olivia - F&F
Composting is so important to restoring our planet. If you aren't already composting, we'll tell you all the reasons why you should. 
A Beginner's Guide to Composting
May 08, 2024by Olivia - F&F
Composting your food scraps at home is one of the easiest things you can do to nourish your garden and help the environment.