Your Favourites of 2016

Author: F&F   Date Posted:4 January 2017 

2016 was a stellar year with over 1,000 new products being introduced to Flora & Fauna. We now offer over 2,000 vegan, cruelty free goodies but which were your favourites for the year and what did you keep coming back to? So in no particular order......

Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste

Whether it be the full size or the sample size this is still our bestselling deodorant paste and you love it. Chey Birch crafted this many years ago and, we believe, was a bit of a pioneer for deodorant paste, certainly here in Australia. The formula works well and can tackle even the smelliest of pits. Firmly one of your favourites. Shop Black Chicken Remedies.


My Magic Mud

This might have been the year for charcoal and My Magic Mud has been a huge hit with many of you. The charcoal powder has simply flown off our shelves and when the toothpaste arrived we loved it's convenience and so did you. Still a firm favourite. 


Bamboo Toothbrushes

To keep on the theme of dental we are delighted you appreciate the benefits of planet friendly bamboo with these biodegradable, sustainable toothbrushes


Hurraw! Lip Balms

These vegan, hand poured, lip balms from Hurraw are still your favourite lip balms. Black Cherry, Chai and Vanilla are some of the favourite flavours and I don't see these exiting the list next year. 


Heal Your Gut Powder

Another great product to help our health hits the top ten for 2016. Heal Your Gut by Lee Holmes utilises the power of diatomaceous earth to cleanse and detox our bodies. Simply take with water and you'll soon reap the benefits.


Eco Tan

An amazing Australian brand doing great things. Sonya Driver is focused on delivering exceptional tanning products so we can avoid the sun and stay sun safe. And your favourites include Winter Skin, the darker Invisible Tan, Eco Tan Water for the face and their wonderful roll on deodorant. But, really, you love them all! Shop Eco Tan


Grant's Toothpaste

Grant's is one of the most affordable natural toothpastes we have come across and all Australian and the Extra Fresh is in the top Ten. 


Ere Perez Mascara

Your favourite mascara is Ere Perez's Black Waterproof Mascara. Vegan, cruelty free and free of nasties.


Desert Shadow

Desert Shadow is new to Flora & Fauna this year and has been one of our most popular products being a natural, toxin free hair dye which we absolutely love. We personally won't use anything else and you love it too. Chestnut and Chocolate are amongst your favourite colours. 


Soap Nuts

We are so delighted soap nuts are on the list; they are an excellent alternative to washing clothes and they don't harm our environment, waterways or us. And they are biodegradable! So thank you for loving them.  

Something that we fully expect on next year's list is Little Ondine Peelable Nail Polishes; they've only been at Flora & Fauna for a short while but you love them and they are water based, vegan, cruelty free and peelable! 

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