What's New This Week 25th Oct 2016

Author: F&F   Date Posted:25 October 2016 

This week we welcome Hanami make up, Flora & Fauna toothbrushes and James St. Organics.

Hanami Make Up

First up we have some new goodies from the beautiful brand Hanami. Hanami is an Australian brand and we introduced their cruelty-free, certified vegan, 7 free nail polishes a few weeks ago. Now we have make up and it is wonderful! We introduce water based nail polish remover in a liquid and handy wipes. Perfect to be used with their polishes. In addition we have black mascaras in both natural and waterproof and lipsticks which are amazing! The colours are vibrant and long lasting and if you want a bright, bright red Tempest is your colour. Definitely use with a lip brush. Shop Hanami


new vegan lipsticks at Flora & Fauna


Flora & Fauna Toothbrushes

We love our planet and we're a little bit passionate about keeping it ticking and loving our animals and us! So we've introduced our own toothbrushes with a very cheesy strapline (sometimes we get carried away). They are made from MOSO bamboo, which is fast growing, and not what pandas eat. They are biodegradable and available in soft and medium bristles. We offer free shipping on these toothbrushes and they are only $4.95. Shop all our dental goodies. 


New Flora & Fauna toothbrushes

James St. Organics. 

James St. Organics is a rebrand of Tula Naturals. James St. Organics are based in Noosa and they thought it fits a lot better as everything is made on James St. They are currently in the process of getting organic certification but their products are made with the finest organic ingredients and they have some beautiful scrubs, polishes and facial oils. The products are essentially the same with a couple of minor changes. Shop James St. Organics.


The Physic Garden goodies are back in stock plus we have new sizes in of their bath salts which are fabulous! A huge treat and, we think, pretty affordable. Shop The Physic Garden.


Weleda Aknedoron purifying lotion is new in to Flora & Fauna. This is a new, and very effective product for managing problem skin, on your face and body. With Witch Hazel, Jojoba, Chamomile and many other effective botanicals this is a great product to help harmonise and balance the skin. Shop Weleda Aknedoron Purifying Lotion.



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