What's New This Week 1st Nov 2016

Author: F&F   Date Posted:1 November 2016 

This week we welcome My Magic toothpastes and more Little Ondine peelable nail polishes.

This week we welcome My Magic Mud toothpastes. We have known these were on route for a while so are very excited to finally receive them. In 3 flavours they are a great everyday toothpaste that is natural and combines the powerful attributes of My Magic Mud tooth powder with the convenience of a toothpaste. Fluoride free, gluten free and free of foaming agents they work with the tooth powder for sparkling pearly whites. 

$19.95 at Flora & Fauna. Shop My Magic Mud

New Sophy Robson Set at Flora & Fauna

Also new in this week are even more colours from Little Ondine nail polishes. Little Ondine nail polishes are peelable, water based, cruelty free, vegan, fast drying and free of the nasty smell you typically get with nail polish. Not only do we have more colours including some neon ones, perfect for Summer, but we also have Twin Sets with a couple of gorgeous colours per set. And double twins plus a Sophy Robson Trio set with three striking metallic colours including Supernova which changes colour depending on the light. 

Shop Little Ondine

More info in the video below....


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