BB & CC Cream Explained

Author: F&F   Date Posted:16 December 2016 

Over the last couple of years we have seen more BB creams come out but also CC Creams and we still have tinted moisturisers. So what is the difference? Let us explain.



Tinted Moisturisers. 

Firstly we still have the trusty tinted moisturiser which is just that, a tinted moisturiser. Adorn's Tinted Moisturiser is very popular and offers hydration with a tint. Mukti's Tinted Moisturisers come in two shades, fair and medium and also come with sunscreen for added protection. And we have beautiful tinted moisturisers from Madara in two shades plus also mini sizes. 


BB Cream

BB Creams are a pretty amazing solution being a multitude of products in one, being a moisturiser, foundation, primer, concealer and often sun protection in one. You tend to get more coverage than a tinted moisturiser but not as much as a straight foundation so perfect for Summer. BB Creams are often packed with Antioxidants. You tend to use less than a traditional moisturiser so be mindful to still nourish and protect your skin in the sun as many have a low SPF too so don't rely on just this for sun protection.  We have wonderful BB Creams from La Mav, in two shades, INIKA in 6 shades and Lily Lolo in three shades. La Mav has SPF11 (not certified) and has recently launched their light shade which is proving very popular. Shop all BB Creams


CC Cream

CC Creams are a recent addition to the market and are similar to BB Creams but the CC stands for Colour Correct so they support issues like redness. They are sometimes lighter than BB Creams but it largely varies per brand. We have recently introduced Andalou Naturals CC Cream to Flora & Fauna. It comes in Nude and Tan and both shades have SPF30 and anti-ageing properties and are perfect for sensitive skin. Definitely lighter than some of our BB Creams so the colours can span a variety of skin tones. 

We're now just waiting for DD to ZZ creams. Shop all BB, CC and Tinted Moisturisers


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