Switch Your Afternoon Snack to Lupini Beans

Author: F&F   Date Posted:24 October 2017 

We often find it tough to beat that afternoon snack time so might pick up something a little bit unhealthy. And that’s ok but not everyday; as my Mum always said everything in moderation. So when we tried Beanopini Beans we got hooked pretty quick.

Tom in operations was championing these the most and they are a pretty regular fixture in Annie's diet too.


What is Beanopini

Beanopini celebrate the Lupini bean which is a Mediterranean favourite but grown here in Australia. What’s great about them is that not only are they absolutely delicious but they are also packed with protein and fibre with over 4g of each per serve. Yet there is only 34 calories, low fat and virtually no sugar. The slow release energy will help you glide through the afternoon.


What do they taste like?

To answer this we’ll tell you how they are made. All the Lupini beans are Australian grown, a highly sustainable crop that supports the environment by “fixing” nitrogen to soils and improves soil fertility. Great for the planet. Once harvested the beans are then gently soaked and rinsed in water for several days to remove the bitterness that naturally protects them from pests. Next they’re lightly pickled and combined with natural herbs and spices for incredible flavour. Then they are vacuum packed so they are totally fresh for you. So they taste like a soft chickpea, but much softer. They are very moist and delicious. We have four favourites. Sea Salt is the universal favourite quickly followed by Oregano for that Mediterranean taste, Chilli for spice and Turmeric for a tangy taste and anti-inflammatory properties. We love them on their own but they go well as a tasty pre-dinner snack and great with a glass of wine!


What is the nutritional benefit?

They’re high in protein, dietary fibre and low in sugar and fat. Huge tick. You can find the nutritional information below.

Per 100g
Per Serving (38g)
Energy (KJ) 
375 (90 Cal)
142.5 (34 Cal)
Fat (g) 
of which saturates (g)
Carbohydrates (g) 
of which sugars (g)
Fibre (g) 
Protein (g) 

They are available in packs with 5 single serves or in packs with two 100g bags. Shop Beanopini


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