Captain Blankenship Arrives at Flora & Fauna

Author: F&F   Date Posted:23 April 2017 

We are thrilled to welcome Captain Blankenship to Flora & Fauna. Captain Blankenship is a beautiful brand from the Hudson Valley in New York. The mantra at Captain Blankenship is ‘beauty wild with nature’.

Founded and created by Jana Blankenship, Captain Blankenship was born out of Jana’s desire to create organic beauty products that create a direct link with nature. Jana uses the finest cold pressed organic plant oils, flowers, seaweeds, sea salt and organic essential oils to connect us to land and sea. They use only organic and wild-harvested ingredients that are domestically grown wherever possible. Their products are luxurious and honest.

Recyclable and reusable glass packaging is used, making a positive environmental impact. No sulphates or parabens are used and all testing is on friends, not animals. 


Captain Blakenship’s range spans skin care, body and hair care.

Their skin care range is luxuriously natural with an Aloe and Rose Face Toner, Blue Chamomile & Lemon Oil Cleanser, Rose & Pomegranate Face Oil and two Face Masks depending on whether you need a deep or gentle cleanse.

Captain’s  Blankenship’s Hair Care range is fabulous and contains their best selling Mermaid Sea Spray Hair Spray along with their best selling Dry Shampoo. Their Sea Salt Hair Sprays are moisturising, texturizing and come in the original along with a Golden Sea Spray which provides a golden shimmer and Ray of Light which contains lemon and promotes lightening.

The body range includes sea salts, body and room sprays, a salt scrub and a bug spray. All absolutely beautiful.


Captain Blankenship is available at Flora & Fauna. Shop the range

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