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Author: F&F   Date Posted:3 July 2016 

Often when you hear the words organic, natural or vegan you hear the word expensive. It becomes a real barrier for people to change their lifestyle and adopt new habits which are better for us and our planet. So what are our top picks to help.


At Flora & Fauna we have a mission to improve our lives, health, our planet and environment. So we need to have products accessible to everyone and products that everyone can use so we can all make a change, however small that may be. Our top picks for 'more' affordable natural, organic and vegan products are as below and in the video which can be found in the following link


Teeth...our teeth, gums and general dental health is really important and it shouldn't cost the earth. In Australia we throw away over 30 million toothbrushes every year into landfill so we need to protect our landfill. Our  bamboo toothbrushes are around $5 with free shipping! Toothpaste is also important and we have Aussie brand Grants natural toothpaste costing less than $5. Shop all dental products here.


Body Wash, Hand Wash and general cleaning is something we do every day so how can we be economical? Dr Bronner's makes organic bar soaps and liquid soaps which have 18 uses in 1 so they really are a multi use soap. They can be used as hand wash, body wash, shampoo, laundry, dishwashing, cleaning teeth and more. We're big fans of Dr Bronner's and you can pick up a soap from $5.95 and the big pump soaps are good value. Shop Dr Bronner's here.


Biologika is an Aussie brand we love with body washes and creams for under $10. Everything is vegan and made from organic ingredients with some beautiful scents such as lemon myrtle, rose, citrus, vanilla, coconut and more. All natural! Shop Biologika here.


If you are looking for affordable organic skin care Eco. make some beautiful serums, and body oils, which work incredibly well but don't cost you a small fortune. Their Vitamin C and A serums are natural but very effective at giving you a day and night time regime. Find out more about Eco. here


Another favourite of ours is Eco Tools. Cruelty-free, vegan make up brushes made out of bamboo and synthetic hair that start from $7.49. Shop Eco Tools here


Teens shouldn't miss out and the 808 Dude range for teen boys is effective, affordable, natural, free of nasties and good for teen skin. With a deodorant for $8.95 it's a good pick for teens. Shop 808 Dude here.


And we have some affordable, organic choices for men with the Gaia range of products. Shampoos, conditioner, shaving creams and gels, body scrubs and more all for $11.95 each. Shop Gaia Made for Men here.


The Gaia Natural Baby range is also affordable and means you can look after your baby naturally and organically without nasties. From $6.50 here.


Finally try our soap berries, soap nuts, which are affordable, compostable and work. One 500g bag can last you well over 6 months. Find out more in our blog on soap berries here



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