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Author: F&F   Date Posted:21 September 2017 

We do like our chocolate and we're very lucky to have a few great vegan alternatives, one of which is The Chocolate Yogi, a social first business. They're Hornsby based, dangerously close to us, and they make their vegan chocolate in their micro factory.


What makes The Chocolate Yogi great?

We got all warm and fuzzy when we heard about this business, then we tried the chocolate and met them and we knew we had to bring them to F&F. Malindi and Ed are an inspiring couple trying to drive change through chocolate. Their ethics, values and mission are authentic and transparent and they do what they say so we're big fans. They support Sea Shepherd Australia and The Orangutan Project and that is first and foremost for them. 

Malindi is the creative one in the partnership and a Yogi hence the name. She really has a huge vision and lots of passion to get there. 

Ed is one of the most down to earth and knowledgeable people we've met. He spent a good hour (it might have been two) with us when he dropped our order off and he is one good soul. Absolutely transparent and keen to share we loved his enthusiasm and dedication for change. He's also an accountant so very good with numbers!


But what about the Chocolate?

Delicious! Simply delicious. The Fun Bars are just that, and it's great trying all the flavours. We are totally hooked on the Hunny Bumbly bar which is like a choc honeycomb bar. You have to try it! The chocolate is tempered (we've watched Masterchef!) like normal chocolate so has that snap you get with chocolate. It's palm oil free and is made with high quality, ethically sourced, ingredients. 

Their chocolate is made from raw cacao which is the richest known source of anti-oxidants on the planet. The Chocolate Yogi chocolate is also free from cane sugar, gluten, dairy and soy, made in a factory that doesn't use nuts, so is gentler on your tummy and your mind. If you want an ultra gentle yogi treat, try the Head in the Clouds or Frothy Toffee which are also caffeine and theobromine free!


Sea Shepherd and The Orangutan Project

The Chocolate Yogi are very transparent about how much money they give to charity which we like. Personally we don't think it's transparent to say you give x % of profit to charity because profit can be interpreted in many ways. We like you to know exactly how much of the money you spend is being donated. The Chocolate Yogi donate 10c from every Fun Bar to Sea Shepherd Australia and 5c from every Oscar Bar to The Orangutan Project. So far in 2017 they have raised over $10,000 for Sea Shepherd Australia. 


You can Shop The Chocolate Yogi at F&F. 




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