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Author: F&F   Date Posted:11 November 2017 

We're thrilled to introduce Love Tea to Flora & Fauna. We've been on the hunt for an ethical tea brand where the supply chain is traceable, the tea is amazing and the packaging is biodegradable and responsible. And yep we've found it with Love Tea.


Love Tea is a Melbourne brand that was started in 2006 by two naturopath students, Emma Watson and Damien Amos. They started their business with clear ethics and values centred around quality product, responsible business, our health and very importantly our planet. Over the years their business has grown and now they have a large stunning, range of loose and bagged tea all blended and packed in Australia. 


Commitment to Organic

Love Tea have been committed to organic ingredients from the start of their journey. They are certified organic by ACO (Australian Certified Organic) and they source certified organic ingredients from all over the world. They work direct with the growers and cooperatives to find the best ingredients possible. They pay fair trade premiums for the ingredients purchased from fair trade farms and continually strive to learn more about the challenges that the producers face.


Commitment to The Planet

Love Tea are very focused on our planet and environment and show their commitmet in many ways. Firstly their packaging is all biodegradable. Their boxes, pyramid bags and even the bag that their tea comes in is biodegradable.

The pyramid bags are made from a material called soilon which is made from plant starches, namely corn, beet and sugar cane. The bags are sealed using ultrasonic sealing so no glues or waxes are used. Also everything is packed here in Australia to minimise on footprint.

The bag used to keep the tea fresh is made from cello which is a biodegradable plant-based cellophane, made from renewable wood resources. Both the cello and pyramid bag break down in a well functioning home composter. 

Love Tea boxes are recycled, biodegradable and all printed with vegetable inks too. They really haven't left any stone unturned when it comes to packaging. 

In addition Love Tea commit to 1% For The Planet. They donate 1% of their annual net revenues to a range of environmental organisations worldwide.


Commitment to Quality

Love Tea craft a delicious range of teas, in pyramid bags and loose. Their range stems from traditional teas such as French Earl Grey to Peppermint and Wellnes Teas such as Digestive, Detox, Immunity and Calming Teas. They have even blended teas to help you sleep. 

You can Shop Love Tea at Flora & Fauna. 

Love Tea Certified Organic Teas at Flora & Fauna

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