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Author: F & F   Date Posted:9 May 2017 

Time IV Change is an ethical fashion brand from our own shores in Australia. Founded by Monique and Marko in 2016 they have set about to make a difference.

They realised that there were few options for those wanting cruelty free, vegan options and there were almost no options when it came to watches.

So in March 2016 they set-up a Kickstarter campaign to bring their vision to life. 7 days into their campaign they’d raised enough funds to launch the Time IV Change movement. And now they have some beautiful vegan unisex watches.

Their watches are made out of vegan leather or Pinatex and this is the only watch in the world using Pinatex.

Pinatex is made from pineapple leaves and is one of the most sustainable materials you can find. Innovative and forward thinking this material is started to be used in bags, wallets and even shoes.

Their vegan leather is made from ultra-fine fiber bundles, high-grade polyurethane as well as raw and recycled materials. The result is gorgeous soft vegan leather.

Being very focused on the environment the watch cases are also made from recycled aluminium. So your watch is eco-friendly too!

Not to miss out on style Time IV Change watches are also effortlessly stylish and unisex. With a large slim face they really can go with anything.

If you didn’t think Time IV Change could get any better they can. 20% of the profits from each watch sold go to a specific charity depending on the colour of the watch band and the 9 charities are all amazing. Whether it is Animals Australia, Edgar’s Mission, Sea Shepherd Australia or Food for Life Global each has a solid purpose and mission.

The Charities Supported are:

  • Animals Australia – Tan Band
  • Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation – Pinatex Band
  • Animal Liberation – Black Band
  • Companions not Commodities – Grey Band
  • Edgar’s Mission – Khaki Band
  • Food for Life Global – Burgandy Band
  • Half the Sky Australia – Tan Stitched Band
  • Ric O’ Barry’s Dolphin Project – Black Stitched Band
  • Sea Shepherd Australia – Navy Band


You can shop the Time IV Change range at Flora & Fauna.

Time IV Change Watches at Flora & Fauna

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