How to Use an Illuminiser

Author: F&F   Date Posted:4 November 2015 

In our Spring Beauty Box we included a sample of Adorn's gorgeous illuminiser. So what do you do with it and how do you use it? We explain what it is, the different types there are, and how to use it.

At Flora & Fauna we stock a few illuminisers including a powder illuminiser by Adorn. We also have two highlighters by Ere Perez - Falling Star and Sun Halo and a beautiful highlighting cream by INIKA.


Illuminisers help to highlight and sharpen your features whilst giving you a dewy superstar look. And they are so easy to apply but where do you start and how do you do it?


We've filmed a video (don't judge us as this was done mighty quickly and we're not destined for life in front of a camera) which shows how you use it. Link here 


We also have a few hints and tips below.....

Brushes - not needed and it's best applied with your fingertips as you can really focus on accentuating those cheekbones and eyebrows and get into corners brushes can't. So use finger tips to pat the illuminiser, cream or powder, into place. 

Areas to use it - cheekbones, eye sockets, below eyebrows, upper lip (cupids bow), bridge of nose, forehead


How to use it:

  1. Pat the illuminiser into the top of your cheekbones to really accentuate them and form an arc leading past the temples up to the eyebrows then pad beneath your eyebrow. I find this 'lifts' your eyebrow and gives your eye area a larger look. 
  2. Use on the bridge of your nose padding down the bridge to create an angular look. 
  3. Use on your forehead patting across it to give that dewey look 
  4. Use a small amount on your upper lip just on the cupids bow to give the appearance of fuller lips. This works really well if you are wearing a nude lipstick. 

If you're not convinced perhaps try the powder iluminiser in a sample and see how you find it first. Shop all our highlighters and illuminisers



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