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How Detoxing your Armpits Helps

How Detoxing your Armpits Helps

12th November 2016
By: Julie - F&F

Many of us often detox, or cleanse, with what we eat or drink but what else can we do? Let's first understand the definition of detoxification.
Detoxification: abstain from, or rid the body of, toxic or unhealthy substances.

Earth Purities Detox-a-Pit helps rid the body of toxic substances via your armpits and restore your armpit health. Even if you use natural deodorants or no deodorant at all, toxins build in our system with everyday life. Food, alcohol, stress, hormones, medications and environmental pollutants all cause a build up in toxins which we need to remove. We are meant to sweat and Detox a Pit helps us remove toxins through the armpit which can help with odour, redness and irritation. If you have struggled to make the move to natural deodorant try this first and then you'll find the move a lot easier and you might not need a deodorant at all. 


How does it work?

Detox-a-Pit works using basic science. The natural, vegan, ingredients and formula carry a strong negative ionic charge and this bonds to the positive ionic charge found in many toxins. The negative charge will magnetically draw the toxins to the surface of the skin and expel from the body so when you wash in the shower you wash away these toxins and restore bacterial imbalances which really helps with odour. 


When do I apply Detox-a-Pit?

Apply it before you have a shower and leave on for at least ten minutes. You can leave on for 30 minutes (if you have time) for a really deep detox. Use for 7-10 days but listen to your body; if you have lots of toxins you may need to use it for longer. After detoxing we recommend using at least once a week to maintain armpit health. Keep using your natural deodorant when using Detox-a-Pit. 


What are the benefits?

  1. Restore your optimal armpit health
  2. Rebalances pH levels in your armpits
  3. Draws out stored toxins
  4. Helps with the transition to natural, or no, deodorant
  5. Reduces odour, redness and irritation 

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