Help Our Planet in No Meat May!

Author: Julie - F&F   Date Posted:1 May 2019 

We love our planet here at Flora & Fauna and we really love animals so we are fully behind the No Meat May Campaign that launched in 2013 and is doubling year on year.


What Is it?

No Meat May is a campaign and registered charity that challenges people to eliminate meat from their diets for 31 days, for 4 big reasons - health, environment, animals, and food security.

Launched in 2013 by Ryan Alexander & Guy James Whitworth, No Meat May started with thirty of their friends all giving up meat for the month of May. With participation more than doubling year on year, No Meat May is now a global campaign with thousands of new recruits participating each year. 94% of people reduce or eliminate meat permanently after participating. This is a great way to make that first step. 


Why Is It Important?

Reducing meat consumption has 4 big impacts...It helps our planet, helps end animal cruelty, a plant based diet aids your health and helps ensure food security for all. 


Helps Our Planet - Less farmed animals helps reduce our greenhouse gases, helps reduce water use, reduces overfishing and results in less deforestation. 

Helps End Animal Cruelty - Live export and factory farms are cruel and something we want to see eradicated. 

Improve Your Health - more veggies, more plants and nuts higher in fibre and lower in cholesteral has to be a good thing. 

Food Security - grains are grown to feed livestock. This can divert grains away from poor people and encourages chronic hunger. 


What Can I Do?

Commit and sign up to No Meat May here. You will receive tips, hints and lots of recipes and nutritional advice. The recipes are seriously good!

Enjoy the challenge of not eating meat in May. Try different food and vegetables and enjoy it. No Meat's May website has quite a few recipes too. Get your friends and work colleagues involved and have some fun; maybe each day one of you makes a meal to share at work at lunch. 

You can find out lots more info about No Meat May here


Source: @thefoodietakesflight

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