Fight the mossies...naturally of course!

Author: F&F   Date Posted:9 January 2016 

With summer comes mossies and, if the news is anything to go by, there is an invasion this year! We're not so sure about that but mossies are definitely out and about. So what are the options if you want natural, vegan and cruelty free?

The options to keep them at bay are largely chemical based and, if you've ever tried to spray some of them, they are suffocating, full of toxins and chemicals and really unpleasant. So we have a few options for you plus also some other hints and tips to minimise those uncomfortable bites and that annoying noise:

1) Don't go out at dusk or dawn, or at least keep covered during these times. We live in the bush and at dusk or dawn you get eaten alive so avoid, avoid, avoid! If you do go out keep covered head to toe. 

2) Use natural alternatives to insect repellent. We have some wonderful alternatives for the whole family from Vanessa Megan for adults and babies and Eco Kid. Natural, organic, vegan and lovely smelling they really do work without clogging your lungs or stripping a layer off your skin. 

3) Garlic! Yes we are convinced garlic works to keep mossies away. We have no scientific evidence to back this other than our experience so eat plenty of garlic and you'll see the back of the little blighters. Nobody else will come near you either but that's a small price to pay!

4) Avoid standing water. Dams, ponds, even puddles or saucers on plants pots create breeding grounds for mossies. 

5) if you do get bitten you need relief quickly so try out the natural Bites & Burns Cooling Gel from Weleda. It's worth having around anyway as it's wonderful for sunburn and bites to help soothe that itchiness. 

If all else fails hang around someone who always gets bitten and make sure you invite them on camping trips. You'll be bite free!


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