What Will You Do This Clean Up Australia Day

Author: F&F   Date Posted:4 March 2018 

March 4th is Clean Up Australia Day so let’s all do what we can to help clean up our beautiful country. Some ideas include cleaning our homes, picking up rubbish from our beaches and Plogging, a new way to combine rubbish pick up and jogging.

More About Clean Up Australia Day

Clean Up Australia Day is one day a year where we really focus on cleaning up our local community whether that be beaches, bush or our local streets and neighbourhood. It was started in 1990 after a sailor, Ian, decided there was simply too much waste in the seas and we needed to do something about it. Since 1990 this annual event has happened every year.  Over 344 thousand tonnes of rubbish has been collected! 


There are many things we can do Australia Day, and every other day, to help minimise waste and clean up our beautiful planet. 

  1. Plogging is a way to pick up rubbish quickly. When you’re out running take a backpack or bag (one of Onya’s backpacks is perfect, as it's so lightweight, or a running backpack). When you see some rubbish pick it up then make sure it gets recycled or disposed of properly. It has become very popular in Sweden so let’s get this movement started in Australia.
  2. Jogging isn't for everyone so go on a bushwalk or beach walk with friends and family and pick up some rubbish. Organise clean ups with work colleagues and get out of the office for half an hour to look after your local community. 
  3. Do a wardrobe clear out and donate your clothes to people that might need them. Make sure they don’t go in landfill, they can definitely be used again. We have heard quite a few teenagers are now having recycling 'parties' where they will go to one person's house with their unwanted clothes and so swaps. A whole new wardrobe with no landfill. 
  4. Clean up your home or office. Many of us have items hanging around when we probably don’t need them so let’s have a tidy up and dispose of what we don’t need properly. Recycle, reuse or compost what we can
  5. The most beneficial thing we can do is prevent further waste so let’s have a think about what we can reduce in our everyday lives. Key items we need to reduce include disposable straws, disposable coffee cups, plastic single use water bottles and single use plastic bags. We’d like to see everyone commit to not using those today. There are so many options available including reusable straws, reusable shopping bags and produce bags, KeepCups and reusable coffee cups and water bottles. You can look at other things you can reduce in our article


So what will you commit to this Clean Up Australia Day?


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