The Benefits of Jojoba Oil

Author: F&F   Date Posted:14 July 2016 

Jojoba is an oil that is a favourite of many due to its vitamin packed goodness, many benefits and its structure. It can be used on all skin types including oily skin and baby skin. In this blog we discuss how it works so well and its benefits.

Jojoba Oil is made from the Jojoba Beans from Southwestern North America. It was used by Native Americans for skin ailments and as a balm. 


Jojoba's Structure

Jojoba's secret is its structure. The wax esters in Jojoba are similar to the wax esters found in our own skin and so they are able to penetrate deep into the skin. Wax esters in our skin make up about 30% of the natural sebum in our skin. As we age, and after illness, the wax esters in our own skin diminish and our skin can feel dry and look tired. Jojoba Oil is perfect to replenish these esters and a wonderful oil to use. 


Vitamin Packed

As Jojoba can penetrate deep into the skin it can deliver nutrients to these layers. Jojoba Oil has a wonderful balance of vitamins A, D and E and fatty acids. These vitamins and fatty acids are good for skin regeneration and to help prevent accelerated skin ageing. They nourish the cells. 



Jojoba is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and hypoallegenic. it is calming and soothing and can help to calm scars, burns, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, dermatitis, nappy rash, acne and more. 

Jojoba is also nourishing and wonderful for mature skin, stretch marks, dry skin, cellulite, pigmentation, oily skin and age spots. 

La Mav Pure Jojoba Oil is a pure Certified Organic oil to add into your skin care routine. La Mav Jojoba Beads & Argan Oil Face Scrub is a good way to exfoliate the skin prior to applying the oil. 

At Flora & Fauna all our make up is cruelty free and vegan and Adorn and Ere Perez also have make up which contains Jojoba Oils. Lipsticks from Adorn contain Jojoba Oil such as Adorn's Deep Red Lipstick. Ere Perez's eye pencils contain Jojoba such as Ere Perez's Black Eye Pencil

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