5 Resolutions to be on your list this year

Author: F&F   Date Posted:1 January 2016 

Have your New Years resolutions yet? To help you along here's 5 we'd love to be on everyone's list....

1) Drink more water. We should all be drinking around 2 litres of water every day and more if you exercise. It's the best solution to natural beauty - get hydrated. 


2) Switch to a natural deodorant. Traditional deodorants are so bad for us with aluminium, parabens and toxins blocking our sweat ducts and keeping waste in our bodies. Think what would happen if you didn't take the rubbish out and it festered. That's happening in our bodies. So please switch to natural deodorant. We'll help you and will offer as much advice as you can take.


3) Eat less meat. We're slowly suffocating our planet with the carbon footprint produced from meat so let's eat less and waste less. If you can switch to vegan hooray, we thinks that's awesome, but we appreciate not everyone wants to do that so how about halving your meat intake. Better for you, animals and our planet. 


4) Do a beauty clean out. Now is the time to go through your make up bag, drawers and bathroom and throw away anything with toxins and anything that's been open a while. If you haven't used that glittery eyeshadow in the last 5 years chances are....Start the year beauty detoxed. 


5) Switch to a bamboo toothbrush. We throw away 30million toothbrushes a year in Aus alone so let's change to bamboo which is biodegradable. Easy peasey! Shop all our amazing toothbrushes


And finally a bonus resolution which is from Sheryl Sandberg - every night write down three joyful moments. You'll slowly reinforce and reflect on positive moments and bring huge positivity into your life. It's also a really easy version of a diary!


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