Sea Shepherd Australia

At Flora & Fauna we are firm supporters of two organisations. Sea Shepherd Australia is one of them and we are huge fans of their work and their dedication to the environment. The more time we spend with them the more we realise actually how much they do and how in depth their work is. They have also saved countless marine life lives over the years whilst putting their own in the face of danger. 

We are proud to support Sea Shepherd and do this in a few ways. Many products from our Green + Kind range support Sea Shepherd Australia. 50c from every Green + Kind toothbrush goes to Sea Shepherd and 50c from each pack of bamboo straws goes to Sea Shepherd. 

We also have a Sea Shepherd Shop where we sell merchandise from Sea Shepherd so that maximum funds go to Sea Shepherd. You can find KeepCups, t shirts and more. 

In addition we support them at events and in any other way we can. Julie and Tom, F&F founders, also donate personally to Sea Shepherd and support their work. We have donated over $4500 in the first four months of financial year 2017.